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    Hi Moms,

    I’m looking for a little advice on a situation:

    In April 20146 I took my little one to the dentist, afterwards because she needed work done she had to be put under general anaesthetic so they could fix her teeth. We’ve had no issues since then  This weekend my nearly 5yr old chipped her back left molar tooth while eating a hard boiled sweet. Firstly I have to tell you that my child was so excited, bouncing around the house like an energiser bunny chanting in her words “the tooth fairy must come now Mommy”
    We tried to explain the situation but seeing her face and realising she couldn’t fathom the concept – as she had the little piece of tooth in her hand. Obviously not realising that the little piece she was holding was actually just a chip and not the whole tooth. In her little mind, it fell out, it’s a tooth and it definitely counts. After guarding that little chip the entire day, needless to say the tooth fairy made her debut at our house that evening.

    While my child is not in any pain whatsoever, my first reaction was to call the dentist this morning and make an appointment and have it seen to. A colleague of mine said to me but why? She’s not in any pain and they her milk teeth which will start to fall out anyway from next year onwards.

    Now I’m second guessing myself, as my little one is terrified of the dentist and last year was an absolute nightmare  Could I skip putting her through all that again or should I continue to book the appointment?

    Confused and panicked Mama 😛


    Lynne Huysamen

    I’m trying to think how I would deal with this @tamara737 but I am just not too sure. I am also always second guessing myself so I know how that feels!

    I would say if she isn’t in any pain and the there are no problems that you can see with the tooth then maybe leaving it is best. Her teeth will start falling out soon. Have you considered just phoning the dentist and asking his or her opinion on whether you should bring her in?

    There may be possible complications that you have not aware of, or perhaps you may find that the dentist puts your mind at ease telling you not to worry.


    Points: 2,431

    @lynne – you see!! exactly why I needed other moms opinions – i hadn’t even thought of phoning the dentist and asking 😛 So silly!! i think you’re right – that would be best 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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