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    What age is average for our little ones to start walking?

    My 1st daughter (now 8yrs old) reached all her milestones as required and was walking on her 1st birthday.

    My 2nd daughter (almost 11months) started sitting @ 3/4months, started crawling @ 6months and started trying to walk 8months and @ 9months was walking nicely. She is now almost 11months and is running.

    Now my question is can kids that start walking early have problems?
    We have noticed that baby’s one leg bends far outwards when she runs. We r taking her to dr to check if all is ok but was wondering if it could be due to her being such an early walker?

    What r other moms opinions and thoughts.


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    My first born son, now 10 years old and second born son, now 8 years old, both started walking at 9 months old. They never had any problems with legs, balance or walking etc. They developed perfectly fine.

    Not sure when my little one, now 6 month sold will start walking.

    All kids develop at a different pace …. some walk first, whilst others get more teeth. Some start talking before 1 years old and other only start talking around 2 yrs old.


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    Wow my son start walking at almost 12months and i was so excited to see him walk by himself☺️☺️


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    My son start at 8 months

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