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    Elize Swanepoel
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    I know that there are many brands of dishwash liquid out there but for me this is one product where I don’t compromise on quality by buying cheaper brands.

    Sunlight dishwash liquid has been used in our home for generations and I smile when I see that advertisement where the little boy walks for miles to borrow a teaspoon of dishwash liquid from a friend or relative and when he get’s home, the neighbour borrows a portion of that teaspoon.

    Your really do get a lot of value from a bottle of Sunlight dishwash liquid.


    *Greasy laundry stains – rub some dishwash liquid into the stain and rinse with water.

    * Clean hair brushes & combs – with a few drops of dishwash liquid and water you can remove the residue build-up.

    * Lighten dark hair – if your DIY hair dye job at home turned out to be a bit darker than desired, wash your hair with dishwash liquid, it will help lighten the colour.

    * Clean bathroom & kitchen floors – two tablespoons of dishwash liquid and warm water works great for vinyl or tile floors. Do not use on wooden floors.

    * Remove stubborn carpet stains – dissolve two tablespoons of dishwash liquid in two cups of warm water. Blot the stain with a clean white cloth that was dipped into the solution. Repeat until the stain disappears. Sponge with cold water and dry with a clean cloth.

    * Remove oil stains from concrete – cover the stain with baking soda and pour dishwash liquid over it. Scrub the stain with a scrubbing brush and let it sit for a few hours. Rinse and repeat until the stain is gone.

    I will be utilizing a few of these tips!

    Well, I’ve already used dishwash to clean my tile floors. With a toddler that is forever making a mess, I don’t always use tile cleaner and a bucket.
    I have a mop with a removable cover, so when I do a quick mop over, I just wet the cover with dishwash and water and whalla!


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    I am a canine lover, I have 4 dogs and 2 puppies at the moment.
    We stay in Durban more to the Westville vicinity. There are a lot of monkeys that are around the area, with monkeys come their pests, the ticks and fleas.
    Being a pet owner, I have my dogs regularly treated (monthly), they are now on a product called Nexguard which is a repellent for these pests.
    With puppies it is a bit difficult to prevent them from getting ticks and fleas as they are not old enough to take these spot on medications or tablets for prevention of such pests.
    There are a few different brands of tick and flea repellent powders for puppies, but these have never really combated the problem completely.
    I came across an article a year back, which stated that using dish liquid as a substitute to the puppies/dogs shampoo will actually kill fleas within minutes. So whenever I see a single flea on any of my pets all end up having a bath with the sunlight. It does really work for me. 


    Elize Swanepoel
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    Wow, that is amazing @ron03. Thanks for sharing your tip.

    I am a huge fan of Sunlight liquid. It is just such a wonderful product.
    I have not found a better dishwash liquid. I found that the cheaper brands doesn’t foam as well and you end up using more. And a bottle of Sunlight liquid lasts us about two months and I do a lot of dishes.
    I always buy the refill packs. I get a lot more value from them and they cost cheaper.


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    I have also tried other brands and Sunlight has been the best option.
    One drop of sunlight does make the amount of foam which is equivalent to a few drops of an alternate dish washing liquid.
    The replicas generally have a different scent, some are actually more to the chemical scent which I hate.
    Sunlight has a soft scent which is very nice.
    The citrus scent of sunlight is also known to rid the dishes of “fruit flies”.
    I will not change my brand when it comes to dish washing liquid. A little does go a long way for me. 


    Elize Swanepoel
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    Hundred percent correct.
    And I love both flavours, the green bottle or the orange bottle. Both smells wonderful and works like a charm.
    Now that I know all this other hacks for dishwash liquid, I love it even more.


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    I try to be thrifty but on certain things I buy regardless of price:

    All Gold Tomato sauce
    Sunlight liquid
    Aquafresh Bright and Shine
    Dove deodorant
    Doug Egberts Coffee
    Five Roses Tea
    Revlon Hair gel
    Fatty’s and Monis Paste

    All the rest I will search out bargains. The above? No compromise.


    Elize Swanepoel
    Points: 2,851

    There are a few things that I also don’t compromise on @anrivisser:

    Sunlight liquid
    Tuffy black refuse bags
    All Gold tomato sauce
    Ricoffy instant coffee (when buying cheaper instant brands)
    Dove bar soap
    Long life milk
    Tastic jasmine or basmati rice (family loves it and cook much quicker than normal rice)
    Sunflower cooking oil (I hate blended oils) :-O

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