Top 5 Ways To Transform Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary, and it is important that the design and finish reflect your tastes and preferences. Home improvement can be expensive, and we do not all have the luxury of totally overhauling our decorative schemes whenever the mood takes us. There are, however, small changes you can make to your living space which can make a room seem brand new, and these do not have to cost a fortune. Here are some simple changes you can make to create a fresh new mood!

Move Your Furniture

It may seek a small change, rearranging your furniture can completely update your home, opening your eyes to new spaces and layouts. This act gives you a good chance to see how your furniture works together and may inspire you to update pieces in the future. It is also a good workout for your brain, and a fun opportunity to see how it feels waking up in a new direction or watching TV on a different wall!

Focus On Soft Furnishings

If a full revamp is out of your budget, soft furnishings can be an affordable way to add some color to your space. Cushion covers, curtains, and throws can add visual pops to the room, and instantly transform your home from functional to cozy. They can also be an excellent way to try out new color combinations without committing to a full makeover.

Don’t Forget The Garden

So many of us make the mistake of neglecting our outside spaces, but sometimes these can be just what you need to give your space a pick me up. Adding outdoor furniture and lighting can be an affordable way to revamp your garden, and offer an alternative place to hang out with friends once balmy summer evenings roll aroundβ€”something that can give you a new-found appreciation for your home.

Bring The Outdoors In

As well as sprucing up your garden, you can also liven things up by adding plants to your home. This addition not only helps to freshen the air, but it can also add a quirky touch to your interior design. Mix things up by combining hanging varieties with table-top options, and use different types to inject life and color into any room. You can even pick plants which are low-maintenance if you are worried about accidentally killing your plants, allowing you an easy, affordable and low maintenance way to add something different to your living area.

All The Small Things

Sometimes, the smallest touches make the biggest difference. Make sure your home is fresh and clean, and use scented candles to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Keep on top of small details. Chipped paintwork can be fixed easily and will make you feel happier and more confident about showing off your space. Lighting also plays a considerable role in comfort. Make sure your spaces are well lit without being overly harsh and invest in fairly lights or side lamps for a softer and more relaxing glow.

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