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How To Make Your Home Rebuild Family Friendly

Home renovation

Home rebuilds are the stuff of dreams but they are also stressful experiences – the two go hand in hand! It’s part of the fun and makes the journey and the results even more satisfying and worthwhile. 

When you plan your home rebuild, you’ll have to make some very important decisions over where you live for the duration of the project, and how much budget you can spare. Home rebuilds are not quick and they do have a tendency of running over deadlines, sometimes by months, so being prepared is essential.

What Are Your Options For Temporary Accommodation?

Deciding where to live throughout your home rebuild is tricky and there are a few options available including:

Static caravans offer by far the best value for money over long term residential stays and hotel accommodation. They’re also the most family-friendly option given that you’ll keep the same address meaning you don’t need to:

Watching your home take shape from a caravan nearby is an awesome experience for all the family – it’s fun, exciting and reduces the stress levels of all involved. It can also be an incredible learning experience for curious children who may be interested in the renovation process.

The Benefits Of Static Caravans Rental

Stay on site

Staying on site allows you to rise and shine, stick the kettle on and get out to your rebuild to take deliveries, perform odd jobs and inspect work. This is far more efficient than travelling to and from the site each day or whenever you need to be there, ultimately resulting in missed deliveries, running behind schedule and eventually, delays. 

Staying on-site also provides massive benefits to the security of your site. You’ll have to invest less in perimeter fencing and CCTV and can keep an eye on everything yourself over both day and night. 

Keep the same address and school

Staying on-site keeps a sense of homeliness as you can see your home being rebuilt and check its progress each day. You’ll also keep the same address, and won’t have to worry about longer school runs or even potentially changing schools for the duration of your rebuild. 

Staying rooted to the family home is often important for children. They’ll still be able to play around parts of the house and garden and it’ll be simpler to store their toys in the home so they can stay occupied throughout the rebuild. 

In contrast, temporarily moving everything into rental accommodation can be unsettling, especially if it drags on for longer than expected.



Static caravans are extremely cosy and are often far more spacious than people anticipate. With excellent heating, double glazed windows, quality showers and other facilities, static caravans really pose no sacrifice compared to residential accommodation. 

For families, staying in a static caravan on-site can be a lot of fun! Like an extended camp-out but with all the usual creature comforts provided by the family home. Kids will love having their friends round to the caravan and it can actually be a breath of fresh air.

Great value 

Static caravans can be purchased or rented, depending on your funds. Buying is suitable for longer-term stays and second hand or used caravans are excellent value and can be sold on after the rebuild is complete. This can work out remarkably cheap overall when compared to any conventional rental option. You can choose higher-end, larger models outfitted with mod-cons and advanced facilities for larger families, or more minimalistic models suited to smaller families and shorter stays. 

For shorter-term stays, rental offers a flexible option that allows you to choose when you move out of the caravan without the hassle of having to arrange a sale to get your investment back.


Considering what’s best for your family is the highest priority when deciding where to live during a home rebuild or similar home maintenance or building projects. Staying on-site means staying close to your home and when all is said and done, the comfort of that is unparalleled. 

By choosing a static caravan to live in on site, children can stay in the same school, play in the same garden and maintain a sense of normality rather than being uprooted. It’s not only cost-effective and efficient for you, but it’s also fun and exciting for your family. 

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