Cremora Fridge Tart recipe

Cremora Fridge Tart

This Cremora Fridge Tart is so simple and easy to make.

Ingredients for Cremora Fridge Tart

  • 1 Packet Tennis Biscuits
  • 2 Cups Cremora Milk Powder
  • 1 Cup Chilled Water
  • 1 Tin Condensed Milk
  • 130mls Lemon Juice
Biscuit base
Line the glass dish with biscuits


  1. Line a glass dish with tennis biscuits.
  2. Mix the Cremora and chilled water together
  3. Add the condensed milk and lemon juice and mix
  4. Pour into the glass dish
Spread evenly
Pour the Cremora mixture into the dish

Crush the remaining biscuits and sprinkle over the top and put in fridge for 1 – 2 hours to set.

This recipe was sent in by Tina Pieterse.

This dish was a hit with my family today. It’s absolutely delicious and it only took a few minutes to prepare! I really suggest you give this one a go! Thank you Tina for sending it in to us.

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  1. Yummy so going to make this when I get home today….I have all the ingredients @ home!!!

  2. Pleasure 🙂 I love this because its so quick and easy and always a hit

  3. That looks divine! Might go well with our Xmas lunch 🙂 Will give it a try this weekend.

  4. How can I email this to print it, I want to give it a try on pay day weekend, as cremora is not cheap nor is Condensed milk LOL

  5. My parents are visiting us over the weekend.
    Excellent idea to make this one tomorrow!

  6. They loved it!
    Definitely going in my recipe book!!!

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