Better Safe Than Sorry: 6 Tips for Buying Furniture Online

According to IBISWorld market research, internet furniture shopping is increasing at a rate of 9.4% annually. Online stores offer huge inventories and easy search options. Shopping online is convenient as there are no high-pressure salesmen, space planning is simplified, and comparison shopping is a breeze. However, it can take time to find every piece you want, and customers should be cautious about sellers’ reputations. Fortunately, it is easy to find genuine bargains online if you follow a few rules.

1) Find a Reputable Store That Matches Your Needs

Businesses selling the same furniture do not always provide the same quality or even similar products. Save time by ensuring that an e-commerce site carries the specific product you want. For example, it is easy to find dozens of stores that sell beanbag furniture, but if you are determined to buy a Fombag online, your best bet is the company website. You may need to shop at a variety of sites to find everything you want. Be sure to check each seller’s reputation and choose companies that offer a secure website.

2) Read Furniture Descriptions Carefully

It is critical that you read furniture descriptions in detail. It is human nature to want to grab an item that is perfect for your home and on sale, but it’s not a bargain if it doesn’t fit. Buying furniture online can be a methodical process, but don’t skip steps. For example, Money Magazine suggests measuring the spaces where pieces will go. Professionals advise using blue painter’s tape to create outlines and then checking dimensions.

3) Spend Time Comparing Prices

Unless you are searching for unique items, there will be several stores that carry what you need. Choose three to five trusted sellers and compare their prices. Consider the item price, taxes, and shipping charges. Find out whether sellers charge for returns or have restocking fees. Look for sales and coupon sites. You may be able to make money by using cash back websites like Rakuten.

4) Be Careful With Colors

Be sure the colors you see on furniture sites are the ones you want. Professionals at MoneyCrashers suggest viewing selections on more than one computer since each one could display colors differently. You can also get an idea of furniture’s true colors by reading reviews. While some buyers skip this step and end up with ideal pieces, it is also easy to find that several items billed as the same color appear very different once you get them.

5) Examine All the Photos

Furniture websites generally include photographs designed to show buyers how furniture will look in their spaces. Pictures often show pieces at various angles. Study the images carefully because they can help you plan as well as identify issues that make some pieces a poor fit for your decorating tastes.

6) Explore All Your Shipping Options

One of the best features of online furniture shopping is door-to-door delivery. However, shipping can be pricey, so it is a good idea to look around for the best deal. Most companies offer a variety of options. Many businesses have brick-and-mortar stores and offer free ship-to-store service. You could also benefit from a free shipping event. It’s a good idea to look at total costs because a store could still offer the lowest price even with shipping charges.

Online furniture shopping has become incredibly popular because it is convenient and simplifies comparison shopping. You can find real bargains online as long as you are dealing with a trusted seller and take time to read descriptions. It is also wise to ensure furniture is the color you want and to evaluate all shipping choices.

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