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5 Surprising Facts About Cleaning Products You Probably Didn’t Know

Very few people actually like to clean, but it’s inevitable that a portion of our lives simply has to be spent on those boring chores if we want to avoid the spreading of serious infectious diseases.

Now, anyone who has ever had a lengthy and detailed cleaning spree remembers the distinctive strong smell all disinfectants and other intensive cleaning products have. Anyone who has ever bought some of them, on the other hand, knows how expensive they can be.

Having said that, here are 5 surprising facts about cleaning products you probably didn’t know.

Continuous Marketing of Cleaning Products is Still Necessary for Good Sales

It is true that almost everyone today buys some kind of cleaning product. However, which brand the products are seems to be of less importance to the majority of shoppers.

This is why many manufacturers have to work continuously and hard on their marketing in order to keep a steady number of buyers as their customers.

Additionally, the pace of life today contributes to the better sale of faster and more efficient cleaning products. No one has the time or the energy to spend hours on cleaning and this is what many cleaning product manufacturers count on when working on their marketing plans.

Smell Is Not a Reliable Way to Decide How Strong a Product You Should Use

Most people are not really aware of what actually has to be treated with cleaning products and what doesn’t.

Many would see, for example, a trash bin as one of the filthiest household items. However, it is not by far something that should be taking up a lot of your cleaning time.

As a matter of fact, some of the truly and awfully bacteria-infested objects are those of which you are the least suspicious about.

While the two dirtiest parts of your household are your toilet bowl and your kitchen drain, the close third place is taken by nothing else but your kitchen sponge, followed by your bathtub.

Hence, just like scrubbing your bathtub is something you should do more frequently, so is replacing your kitchen sponge. Your trash bin, on the other hand, is fine with just an occasional wash with some sort of soapy product.

In summary, just because something smells really bad – like a garbage can – doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the dirtiest item in your household. However, that also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it adequately.

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Don’t Overuse Cleaning Products

Although some parts of your house do need more regular attention, this doesn’t mean you should use the strongest products you can find. Not only is it not necessary, but it may affect your health in numerous ways.

This is due to the fact that the majority of cleaning products are packed with not only dangerous, but also needless chemicals that may remove the bacteria. However, they also contaminate your surroundings with even more dangerous health hazards.

Very few cleaning product manufacturers actually want to state the actual ingredients of their products. They are often reluctant because of the detrimental effects that the chemical compounds can have on your health.

Some of them can cause serious consequences after a long exposure, such as huge respiratory problems, while others even belong to the group of cancer-causing compounds.

However, none of these potentially life-threatening compounds are even required by regulations to be listed on the product’s bottle. In other words, customers won’t know whether a cleaning product is 100% safe or not.

Only the known toxic components make their way to the label and get assigned with a certain level of caution. Anything else can go by unnoticed, no matter how dangerous it is.

It is also recommended that you avoid those that have synthetic fragrance among the ingredients.

This one component may include an exceptional number of harmful materials and certainly some from the phthalates group, which should be avoided if you want to save yourself from respiratory problems or exposure to probable carcinogens.

Some Foods Are Great For Cleaning

Next time you start one of your cleaning chores, try using some of the common household items instead of harsh chemicals. Oranges, vinegar, baking soda and even ketchup and mayo can be used as great cleaning products. On top of that, they are way healthier as well.

There’s a Simple Way to Save on Some Cleaning Products

Preserving your health is one of the reasons why you should put some common household items to work as cleaning products.

In addition to that, these are way cheaper as well, so you will save some money along with saving your organism from dangerous fumes and chemicals.

A research done in the US says that an average American home spends around thousands of dollars per decade for different cleaning products.

Bleach, scrub brushes and multi-surface cleaners are the ones taking up most of that budget. However, simply buying microfiber cloths that can clean up most of the mess and then be washed and reused can make a great change.

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Unfortunately, we have reached a point where certain things that are used to protect us can sometimes cause us even more harm than the filth and bacteria they remove.

We’ve started using pricey, overly concentrated chemicals with unnecessary, synthetic and harmful perfumes for cleaning, which can be done effectively enough with other means. The more people are made aware of this necessity, the more the cleaning products market will change.

The next time you choose a product for your cleaning spree, you should keep these facts in mind. Not only will it help you decide which areas of your house you need to focus on, but you will also save more in the long run.

In addition, before you decide to buy a new scrub, think about getting something more reusable, such as a microfiber cloth. Better yet, consider whether the stain you want gone can be removed with a common household item rather than a cleaning product.

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  1. Thanks for a very informative article that relates to everybody.
    I prefer natural home remedies, but there is always stubborn stains that require chemical assistance.
    My favourite all-time home remedy for cleaning almost everywhere in my home is a mixture of bicarbonate powder, vinegar and water. This is a powerful combination and above all it works wonders. Just be certain to use gloves to prevent damaging your skin as it often leads to drying of your skin.
    There are a lot of tips on the internet for cleaning and not all are effective, I have tried and failed with so many other types mentioned on the internet.

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