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4 Home Automation Solutions for Busy Parents

Parents, you have so much on your plate. You’re running your kids to school, after school activities, check-ups, play dates — the list is never-ending. How about letting some tech upgrades help lighten the load?

4 Home Automation Solutions For Busy Parents

Doorbell Cam and Smart Lock

Doorbell cameras and smart lock technology boost security and peace of mind. With a doorbell camera, parents can see who’s at the door from anywhere. Most doorbell cameras are equipped with two-way communication devices, allowing you to choose whether or not to speak with the visitor. Doorbell cameras also record all activities.

The smart lock pairs well with the doorbell camera. After viewing your visitor through the doorbell camera, you can choose to unlock the door remotely. The ability to unlock your door from your smartphone is also convenient when you’re not home yet.

Smart locks can also be set to lock automatically, so you won’t have to worry about your family going to bed with the doors unlocked.

Connected Thermostats

Installing a smart thermostat in your home means increasing your comfort level while decreasing unnecessary energy expenditures. A connected thermostat can be set to cool and heat your home on your preferred schedule. Connected thermostats can even adjust themselves based on feedback from these remote sensors.

Connected thermostats help regulate indoor air quality, a must for children with asthma and allergies. Connected thermostats can also provide homeowners with real-time energy consumption data, weather information, and maintenance alerts. Most are even compatible with existing HVAC systems.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators are becoming an increasingly popular option for parents because of the many child-friendly features. Smart refrigerators use alarms if doors are left ajar, helping children remember to keep them closed.

Many smart refrigerators also have the ability to stream television and music to help keep your littlest ones entertained while you’re cooking. For the cooks of the house, smart refrigerators also store recipes.

Perhaps the biggest time-saving life hack is the ability to track the family’s grocery needs and order food right from your refrigerator. No more running out of your kids’ favorite snacks or emergency trips to the grocery store!

Smart Assistants

Smart assistants can be programmed to help your kids stick to their daily routines while you stick to your routine. Smart assistants can turn on lights when it’s time to get up, playing upbeat music while your kids get ready for school. Smart assistants can remind your children to brush their teeth and grab their backpacks before they leave for the day.

After school, your smart assistant can remind your kids to do their homework and chores, limit their computer access to only appropriate material, or limit their screen time altogether to minimize distractions. Bedtime routines run smoothly with help closing blinds, shutting off televisions, and turning on ambient lighting and soft music.

Smart assistants can also encourage your child to use good manners by using “please” with commands and “thank you” after prompts. Whatever the unique needs of your kids, a smart assistant can help them get it done.

Home automation can be any parent’s dream. Whether it’s monitoring your kids’ activities, improving air quality, or keeping your family on a routine, there’s a home automation option for you.

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