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How To Hack Your Mood Using Colour

Colourful paint

Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly felt like smiling? Or calm? That may be the result of the ethereal powers of room psychology. As it turns out, the paint on your walls doesn’t just function as fun mode of self-expression. It can also deeply influence the mood …

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How Do Movers Decide The Cost Of Moving?

Carrying boxes

Are you thinking of moving to another place? If yes, then you probably consider hiring a renowned relocation company for the transition. But before booking the relocators, it is always better to know how the cost of transition is estimated by them. This article talks about the factors that are …

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How To Buy Meat From A Local Butcher

Local butcher

Buying your meat from your butcher has a slew of advantages. From the importance of supporting local businesses to the need to make more sustainable food choices, enjoying tastier meat and ensuring better animal welfare. But buying meat from a local butcher can be intimidating if you’re used to picking …

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6 Different Uses for Custom Plaques

Uses for custom plaques

Plaques are excellent for remembering special occasions, such as graduations, promotions, retirement and birthdays. They are fantastic gifts to send as thank you gifts, birthday gifts, and wedding gifts. In addition, you can use plaques as awards, memorials, badges and mementos. Plaques are also an essential tool in marketing and …

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Top Tips: Preparing For Christmas At Home

Christmas tree in living room

It’s silly season and Christmas is around the corner! It’s a good idea to prepare for the festive season by cleaning and tidying your home, and adorning your Christmas Tree of course.  Here are Cleanipedia’s best festive season cleaning tips for the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room and advice …

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Cadbury In Our Own Words Digital Library

Cadbury In Our Own Words

Experts agree that a culture and love of reading is sparked when children recognise themselves in stories and, even more so, when these are written in their mother tongue.  As only 2% of children’s books published commercially in South Africa are written in local African languages*, the Cadbury In Our …

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