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Flatter Your Booty With These 5 Style Tips

While butt-enhancing exercises can help give you that toned, sculpted, and well-rounded booty you desire, the process usually takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment before you see substantial results. You may need to modify your eating habits and lifestyle as well to achieve that curvy backside. But if you want to give your booty an instant enhancement, the key is selecting clothing pieces that accentuate and flatter your derriere.

With the right clothes and styling, you can create the illusion of having a curvier behind. From choosing colours, fits, and cuts to wearing the right shoes, here are 5 style tips to make your bum look great.

Flatter your booty

Wear Leggings

Leggings are a must-have in your butt-enhancing style arsenal as they are made with stretchy fabrics that hug and support your buttocks instead of squashing them down. Invest in several pairs of high-waist and tummy-shaping women’s leggings to cinch your waist and make your booty appear fuller and more prominent.

Opt for styles made of opaque or thicker materials, like denim, corduroy, and leather leggings. That way, you can use and style them like your favorite tight-fitting pants. Pair them with a cropped cashmere sweater or peplum crop top and heels for a chic yet comfy outfit that discreetly and tastefully draws attention to your curvy backside.

Opt for Clothing Styles That Accentuate Your Booty

If you want to make your bum appear perkier and rounder, avoid shift dresses, flowy kimonos, loose-fitting pants, and other shapeless pieces that conceal your curves. Instead, go for styles that highlight and create the illusion of a slimmer waist and a more rounded backside. Besides cropped tops, peplum blouses, miniskirts, and wrap dresses, here are other excellent choices:

  • Trumpet skirt. Because it’s tight-fitting around the hips and thighs and has a peplum hem, a trumpet skirt gives your body a lovely shape and draws attention to your buttocks. Pair it with a cute top and strappy heels for a girl’s night out or a solid-colored button-down shirt and classic pumps for an elegant look.
  • Skater skirt. Another fashionable option that flatters your booty is a skater skirt, as it provides volume from the waist down. You can wear it with a cropped or fitted top to further emphasize your slim waist and make your derriere more bodacious.
  • Fitted shorts. A pair of high-rise, fitted shorts also offers a butt-enhancing effect as it cinches your waist and hugs your backside. Choose shorts in vivid colors or checkered prints if you want to widen and enlarge your behind further. You can pair them with a solid-coloured t-shirt and platform sneakers for a relaxed vibe. But, if you want a chic and more sophisticated look, try a cropped sweater or a tailored blouse and heeled boots.

High rise denim shorts

Look For Butt-Enhancing Details

Another way to flatter your booty is to choose clothing pieces with details that define and boost your curvy backside. Let’s say you want to wear pants for the day. Perhaps you can pick out a pair with oversized back pockets to make your rear end more prominent. Or maybe find tight jeans with embroidered or beaded back pockets. Wear them with a cropped top or a classic white baby tee for maximum butt-enhancing effect.

If you want an outfit that’s a bit more sophisticated, consider a jumpsuit or bodycon dress with a cutout detail or straps that draw attention to your back. Additionally, you can select fitted dresses or skirts with horizontal coulor-block elements or horizontal stripes to highlight your curvy hips and booty.

Give Your Bum An Instant Lift With High Heels

Wear heels whenever possible, as they do more than merely increase your height or boost your confidence. A good pair of high heels can also create the appearance of a perkier behind by adjusting the curve of your spine in a way that makes your bum protrude a bit more. You probably notice how your back arches and buttocks clench naturally as soon as you wear high heels.

Opt for taller heels for the best butt-lifting effect. Stilettos, strappy block heels, slim heels, and platform heels are all great options. But if you want more comfortable shoes, go for thick Cuban heels or wedges.

Wear high heels

Cinch Your Outfit At The Waist

Aside from wearing figure-hugging bottoms and dresses, you can also cinch your waist with a belt to create an hourglass figure that flatters your booty. Choose a stylish belt that complements your outfit and make sure to place it around the narrowest part of your waist for a lovelier silhouette. When selecting a belt, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure that the belt goes well with your outfit. When in doubt, wear a classic leather belt.
  • Go for thicker belts, like obi and corset styles, if you have a longer upper body to balance your proportions.
  • Match your belt with the rest of your accessories for a streamlined look.
  • Wear a statement belt with a neutral outfit to elevate your look.

To cap off the booty-enhancing tips in this piece, remember to maintain good posture whether you are sitting, standing, or walking. When you carry yourself well, you not only enhance the shape of your bum and highlight your curves, but you also look more confident—which is an undeniably attractive quality.

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  1. i love leggings especially the scrunch butt ones

  2. As a flat bottomed lass, I’ve tried it all and I just felt to conscious of the flatness that I felt uncomfortable. So I opt for track pants or maxi dresses, it flows so no one knows lol.

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