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Five Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Fashion and trends keep on changing just like seasons. You cannot stick to following one trend of fashion for a more extended period of time as after some time it will look weird and out of fashion. In order to fit in you need to change your sense of dressing, hairstyling and the like according to the changing trends. In fashion, you have to be flexible enough to adapt to the new emerging fashion trends. But, still, there are a few things that will remain the same in your wardrobe as they will never get out of fashion; these are the essentials of women wardrobe that will live lifelong with you. You will always rock in those wardrobe essentials.  So, that is why we prepared a list of items that every woman’s wardrobe should have. Here is the list of five wardrobe essentials:

five wardrobe essentials every woman should own

  1. Crisp White Tee Shirt:

When can you not decide what you should wear? Crisp white tee is the solution. It looks so classy and modern and is suitable for every type of event. Be it office meeting, a girls day out or evening tea will give you a perfect look according to the event. It can be worn throughout the year, and it looks good on every type of body. No closet is complete without having a white Tee in it. Keep one Tee for the times when you are not sure what the right dress is for the occasion.

  1. Ballet Flats and Slip-On Sneakers:

Ballet flats or pumps complete your formal look. You should have at least one pair of ballet flats in your wardrobe to complete it. A perfect combination of chic and comfort! You can wear them with formal and semi-formal dress. You will never regret having pumps in your wardrobe. As far as colors are concerned to go for neutral colors like black, off-white or caramel color that can go with any dress.

Apart from the pumps that you would need for the formal events, you also need to have a pair of neutral flat shoes for hiking and picnics etc. they are the wear-anywhere type of shoes. They will look stylish and are comfortable shoes. Do invest in buying ballet flats and slip on sneakers to stay stylish.

  1. Black Trousers And Black Dress:

A must have thing that every wardrobe should have. You can wear them to work, meeting or to brunch. You will look great in it. Black pants are something that will always be in the trend and looks very stylish on everyone. Black pants go with every type of shirt. You can have black trousers in different styles.

You should also keep a black dress in your wardrobe in order to save yourself from the chaotic state of mind. When you are totally confused about what to wear go in that black dress. It will complement your look for a gathering or dinner. This black dress will get you through your rough time and will save your life.  If you don’t have a black dress, then you definitely should buy one for yourself. It will look stunning on you. Black will remain forever in trends of fashion. Black trousers and dress will never let you down in any sort of fashion. Do keep one black dress and trousers in your closet.

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  1. Comfiest Bathrobes:

A must have thing in a wardrobe because you need it every single time you take a bath. A great robe makes you feel warm, cozy and stylish. You will need it the instant you jump out of bathtub or shower. Buy bathrobes that are totally comfortable yet stylish. Bathrobes are available in different styles and are made up of different fabrics. For comfort, you should buy a white cotton bathrobe make of Turkish cotton. Their cotton is best for making bathrobes. Your wardrobe is incomplete without one. Invest on buying a comfiest bathrobe.

  1. A Leather Handbag With a Pair of Neutral Sleek Heels:

You will always need a handbag when you are going out. A medium sized black leather handbag can go with every type of dress and without any doubt will look elegant. It is, indeed, a perfect finisher. It gives a complete look full or style and elegance. You can keep this black cross body straps leather bag for the occasions when you can decide which bag you should carry. This black bag is the answer.

Along with the black bag, you can wear sleek heals to have the complete stunning look. Woman’s wardrobe is not complete without a leather bag, and sleek heals. These two items can be used in formal and semi-formal gatherings. If you don’t have these two items in our wardrobe buy them and complete your wardrobe. If you are a person who does not like black color, then you should stick to other neutral colors like off white, caramel or grey. Such colors go with every type of dress and can be used in combination with all sorts of colors. Carry a leather hand bag with sleek heals and be ready to rock the world.

It is not the fashion or specific trend that makes you look stylish and elegant but the way you carry the items you have and your confidence that makes you look unique and stunning. You can wear anything you want but make it look beautiful on you by staying confident in it. There are many things that are must have and which never go out of fashion trends, but in this article, we provided you a list of five wardrobe essentials that would complement your look. These things can go with everything and are suitable for every occasion, be it formal or semi-formal. We hope that you will like the list of items we provided and you, definitely, would complete your wardrobe by including the wardrobe essentials we provided to you.

About the Author:

woman AngelaAngela Miller is a fashion enthusiast based in the United States of America. She enjoys blogging and podcasting. She covers everything, from trends to personal comfort. She regularly posts her how-to articles at the Plush Necessities.





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