Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Review

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo was designed to be used by infants that can successfully hold their own heads up without any assistance from an adult. Jumping devices similar to this one are perfect for baby to develop the skills for walking. An infant will learn coordination, balance, and more when using this jumper for only minutes a day. It is the perfect way for them to combine play with a form of exercise to help keep them healthy!

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Jumpers have been around for a long time! I remember watching my nephews who are in their late teens playing in their Jumperoo when they were less than a year-old. The thing with their jumperoo was it had to be fastened to a doorway. Which meant that it could not be used wherever one desired it to be used. That made it very hard to use a doorway because their jumperoo literally took up the entire door frame! However, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo does not require this at all. The seat lets your baby jump safely while playing with the attached toys wherever you place the jumper.

Features of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo can adjust to three different heights to grow with your baby. I especially like the fact that the seat pad is removable, making it easy to wash and dry. The toys are also removable, and can be machined washed as well. I find the frame to be extremely durable. The jumper is also very easy to assemble, which is perfect for those that are not handy at these sort of projects. I found the instructions were very simple to read, and most of the parts popped together instead of using a variety of tools. I did need a screwdriver to place the batteries into their correct spot, but that was the only tool that was needed for assembly.

Pros of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

One of the biggest pros I have found in this jumperoo is that the play your baby has is interactive and stimulating. The seat rotates a full 360 degrees, so baby will not miss a thing when playing. The platform is loaded with five different toys for baby to engage in. These five toys include a peek a boo tiger, an elephant, a lizard rattle, an adorable little parrot, and a cute monkey. The toy in the front of the seat is complete with music, lights, and motion. To activate this, your baby will spin the drum at the front, which is easy for them to do once they have this figured out. However, if baby has not yet caught on to this feature, you can set it to four continuous minutes of play time.

Your baby will also be able to work on motor skills when they are placed in this jumperoo. Not only will your baby be using fine motor skills to touch the various toys, but they will be developing large motor skills as they jump.

This jumper is also very comforting to the baby! There are two soft leaves that act as a canopy over the top of this jumperoo. Toys dangle from the top of these leaves that allow your baby to swat at them, which is fun and exciting for a child who is just learning about their hands. The jumper allows the baby to feel safe and secure, which is a huge plus!

I love that this jumperoo is so portable. It can be taken anywhere. If you take your child to an in home daycare, this jumper can accompany your baby. On the other hand, if you are having the grandparents baby sit for a weekend, the jumperoo is easy to take with so baby has more options, then just laying in a crib or the floor or being held. The frame pivots to a nested position, which makes storing it a breeze. It also folds easily up so you can carry it from room to room.

Cons of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Probably the biggest con is if your baby is really young, they may find it hard to move the seat around  on their own as they will not have enough strength to do it. Over time, this will get easier for them to do. For me, this is not a huge issue because baby is usually pretty content just sitting there playing with one of the five toys in front of them.

Another con of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is that there is not a base included with this. While that may not be a huge deal for some, for me, it is a safety issue. Your baby will be jumping and could potentially come down too hard on his or her feet. As there is not a protective base, they will be hitting the solid floor. I advise to place a soft blanket down on the floor underneath this jumper for added protection.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo and can make an informed decision based on the pros and cons listed above. This seat has the perfect amount of bounce, and infants really have a fun time jumping up and down while playing with the attached toys that are brightly colored. Your baby will not only be using fine and large motor skills by jumping and playing with the toys, but they will also enjoy the great sounds this seat makes. Your baby will be entertained for hours while jumping in this amazing jumper

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Angie Benson is a stay at home mom that does freelance writing from home. She is passionate about attachment parenting, being fit and healthy, and finding ways to make extra income from home while being mom. In her spare time she loves doing crafts and hiking.

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  1. I am a firm believer that the jumper is an awesome way for a little one to strengthen his or her leg muscles.

    After reading this article I am convinced that this jumper is the next best item for a baby and will soon be in high demand if not already. I had one of those jumpers that had to be mounted on the door frame and it was such a mission to keep putting it on and then removing after use. Due to time constraints I literally used it in a space of four months, about ten times in total.

    The seat rotates 360 degrees! That is totally brilliant, the older one that I had the seat did not rotate. However, the height of the jumper could be changed accordingly.

    The cons on the product are so minimal and can be resolved. The first with the baby at a young age can’t rotate the seat around that is fine as with everything babies learn quick. The second con is about no base surface is included with the jumper, the initial jumper also did not have such a base, we used a blanket and if I recall correctly a flat pillow at one stage.

    This jumper just looks exciting and little ones will be fascinated with the colours on it. I think this product is a winner. ?

  2. Elize Swanepoel

    Thanks for a great review Angie.

    One of the top big ticket items on my baby list was a Jumperoo or something similar. But after I had my baby and already bought all the other much needed items like a stroller, car seat etc. I decided not to buy one.

    I opted for a walking ring instead but only used it for a short while after my son started crawling. The walker did assist him with the walking stage. He got used to being in the upright position pretty quickly.

    The problem with all this wonderful gadgets are that they are quite pricey. This was the main reason for me not buying the Jumperoo.

    But I still love them and I think they are great for babies to keep them occupied while strenghtening their little legs.

    The Daycare had something similar to a Jumperoo and I saw my son playing on this thing a few times. At least he got to enjoy the benefits of such a gadget and was not completely deprived of this form of entertainment.

    Thanks for giving us a good idea about what the pros and cons are when purchasing this unit.

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