Earn Cash Back and Make Money Online with Gruupz

Earn Cash Back and Make Money Online with GRUUPZ

If you’ve read any of my blog posts about how I make money online you will know that I love affiliate marketing, and while some people get into a twist about it, affiliate marketing is really a very simple process.

How it works is that I sign up as an affiliate marketer with my favorite stores that offer an affiliate program, like Amazon for example. Then I share my special affiliate links on my website. Then if you click on one of my links and buy something I earn commission on that sale.

It is like being an independent sales representative and earning commission on all sales made from my efforts. I am an Amazon affiliate, plus an affiliate for a number of other online stores.

GruupzNow here is something really awesome I came across online which makes it even more exciting and fun to be an affiliate marketer!

You can now earn money back on your own purchases from Amazon, plus you can make $3 for each person you refer through GRUUPZ.

Yes you can go ahead and sign up now to earn me $3 with pleasure, and you will also earn $3 when you sign under me! Bonus right?

Earn Cash Back When You Shop

Earn cash back when you shopGruupz is an Amazon affiliate, so they make commission on all sales made through their links. When you sign up with Gruupz you need to add their extension to your browser. This browser extension ensures that anything you buy from Amazon is purchased through their affiliate link.

Then when Gruupz gets paid commission on your purchases they give you back a percentage of your purchase so you make cash back on everything you buy.

When you reach a minimum of $5 they will send you an Amazon gift card. Every month that your balance is at least $5 they will send you a gift card (up to $300).

I’m not sure how you feel but I think it is an epic idea because everyone wins in the end.

In fact I recently published a post about how to save money shopping and one of the things I mentioned was loyalty cards and coupons, this sort of cash back offer fits in there so nicely.

Amazon is probably the most popular online store in the world and you will be able to find great prices and anything you could possibly need is sure to be stocked there.

Make Money Referring People to GRUUPZ

In addition to making cash back on your Amazon purchases you can also make money online if you get other people to sign up with GRUUPZ.

Once you have signed up you will find your special referral link in the membership area and you can share this link with other people. Anyone that signs up using your link means $3 for you, plus the person that signs up under you also gets $3!

So I recommend that you sign up and spread the word to make some extra cash online.

Make money online with Guuptz

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  2. Reading previous post not really knowing what this marketing is like…wow Lynne you do so many things you can be super proud of yourself. One question can i join them without having a website. I was also wondering why you have suggestion on some posts of Amazon now i know what its all about great stuff Lynne.

  3. Its sound supper cool.

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