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How College Bursaries Work In South Africa

College bursaries provide students with free financial assistance to study at a tertiary institute. Students often receive bursaries from certain financial institutes, investment companies, and other organisations. In order to attain a bursary one needs to be an exemplary student. In this article, we discuss how college bursaries work in South Africa.

How College Bursaries In South Africa Work

Who Can Apply For College Bursaries In South Africa?

College bursaries in South Africa help thousands of students further their studies. Typically speaking, anyone can apply for a bursary. However, organisations often look for the most deserving candidates.

You can apply for a bursary if you do not have the financial means to attend college. However, this is not only limited to the financial aspect. Plenty of times, students with a good financial background will also apply for college bursaries in South Africa.

What Do You Need To Apply For College Bursaries In South Africa?

Bursaries are an investment towards an individual’s future. Therefore, those who apply will need to meet certain criteria. Companies often look for students who work hard and are dedicated to their studies. Furthermore, each of these companies might look at a variety of aspects before providing a bursary.  Bursaries can also sometimes be used alongside student loans. 

Listed below are some of the documents students will need to submit:

  • Candidates will need to provide a valid ID document
  • Students will need to proof they are South African citizens
  • Financial documents
  • ID of parents or guardians
  • Proof of registration with a tertiary institute

What Are The Requirement To Apply For A Bursary?

Students will need to prove that they are worthy of receiving a bursary. Therefore, Companies and organisations only pick the most promising students. With that being said, here are some of the requirements that need to be met:

  • Candidates must have a Grade 12 certificate
  • Students will need to have at least 60% for English and at least 50% for all other subjects
  • If for instance a student chooses to study engineering then they will require attaining higher marks.

How To Apply For A Bursary

The best way to apply for a bursary is by doing some research. We would advise students to reach out to companies that are in their field of interest. Thereafter, contact them and enquire if they offer any bursaries.

It’s vital that students start looking for bursaries as soon as they start Grade 10. This will allow them plenty of time to find the right fit. Furthermore, students will know what is expected of them. This will allow them to set proper goals that need to be met. As a result, this will increase their chances of getting a bursary.

Most organisations offer online applications that students can fill out. Here, students will need to provide their basic information and submit their academic results. After applying for a bursary, the organisation will review the application and get in touch.

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How College Bursaries Work In South Africa

There may be different conditions, depending on the granted bursary. Certain companies will require students to repay the bursary. This could mean that the student will have to work for the company upon completing studies.

However, each organisation has its own terms which will be discussed with the student. Furthermore, companies and organisations take great strides in investing in students. Therefore, they expect to reap the benefits of their investment too.

It’s vital for students to read the terms of the bursary upon accepting it. This will enable students to be wary of what is expected of them. It’s also important that students submit all the required documentation when applying for a bursary.

What Do Bursaries Cover?

This is purely dependent on what bursary a student gets. Certain bursaries will cover everything from registration fees, textbooks, accommodation, etc. However, some bursaries might only cover tuition fees. For instance, for those looking to study teaching, the popular funza lushaka bursary covers the majority of the students’ necessary expenses. Therefore, it’s important for students to read the terms and conditions of the bursary. 

Useful Tips To Follow When Applying For A Bursary

Here are some of our top tips that can help you land a bursary:

Work Hard

Students are encouraged to work hard and be dedicated to their studies. Almost all organisations look at your merits before providing a bursary. The better your marks, the more likely you are to get selected.

Take Advantage Of Government Schemes

One of the most popular government bursaries is the GCRA Bursary which provides funding support for residents from Gauteng. There is also the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, also known as the NSFAS, which lets students apply for loans and bursaries. Closing date for the NSFAS Application is 7th January, so make sure to get yours in soon!

Get Involved In Your Community

Giving back to the community demonstrates your willingness to help others. Participating in outreach programs of your choice will benefit your bursary application.

Proof Read Your Application

Lastly, always proofread any documents before submitting them. This will allow you to eliminate any mistakes that you might have made.

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