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10 Best Ways To Save Money

Saving money is not always easy and the hardest part is generally to get started. In this post, I am going to share with you the best ways to save money, so that you can gain some control of your finances and have less worries about your monthly budget. 

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10 Best Ways To Save Money

Best Ways To Save Money

Document your expenses

The best way to start with your money saving venture is by first assessing how much you spend. Start keeping track of all the things you spend money on each month such as coffee, cash tips, school fees, household items and fuel.

Once you have all the information, start organizing the list of expenses according to categories, for instance, groceries, gas and mortgage. Do not forget to total each amount and make sure not to leave out anything. Check your bank and credit card statements to make sure you have listed everything. 

Start budgeting for savings

Once you have a realistic idea of what your total monthly expenditure is, you can start organizing them into a budget that works for you. An efficient budget must outline how your expenditure measures up to your total income. This way you can better plan your spending and avoid overspending. Include other expenses that you do not have on a regular basis, like car repairs. If possible, try to put ten to fifteen percent of your earnings away towards savings.

Look for ways where you can cut on spending

If you have a lot of expenses which does not leave you much room for saving, it might be a good idea to start cutting back. Check for non-essential expenses where you can spend less, like buying take-aways, or cancelling some of your monthly subscriptions. 

Here are some tips for cutting back on everyday spending:

  • Read through community event listings to locate events that cost less to save on entertainment expenses.
  • Cancel memberships or subscriptions that you can manage without or do not use often.
  • Cut back on certain non-essential expenses. For instance, limit dining out to once a month or stop buying take-away coffee and rather make a flask at home to take to take with you.
  • Steer clear from expensive restaurants and rather opt for those that fall under a lower price bracket.
  • Avoid impulse buying. Give yourself time to sleep over it. You will be thanking yourself later.

Create saving goals for yourself

Start thinking about goals for yourself that you want to save towards, for instance, getting married, putting away money for retirement, your child’s college fund, or planning a family vacation. Work out the amount that you want to save on a monthly basis and how long it will take you to save the money needed to achieve these goals. 

Break your goals down into short and long-term saving goals:

  • Short-term saving goal – One to three years (for example: down payment on your vehicle, family vacation, emergency fund for unexpected living expenses).
  • Long-term saving goal – Four years + (for example: child’s college fund, retirement, home renovations).

If you are putting away money towards your child’s college fund or your retirement, a viable option is to save this money in an investment account. Although these accounts pose some risk of losing money, it could also generate growth when the market expands.

Bonus tip: Create short-term goals that are achievable. Reaching smaller goals to pay for a new phone, for instance, can be highly rewarding and encourage you to keep saving for future goals. 

Family Saving Money

Get rid of your debt

Monthly debt payments are one of the biggest challenges as far as saving goes. A large portion of your salary probably goes to debt. The quickest way to get rid of debt is by implementing the debt snowball strategy. This involves paying off your smallest debts first and then tackle the larger ones. It sounds like an uphill battle, but it entails more a behavioural change than figures. Once your debts start shrinking and your income freed up, you will have money to use towards savings. 

Start cutting down on groceries

Most people are taken aback once they have started their budget when they see what they actually spend every month on groceries. Most families who have kids spend even more. It is easy to splurge on snacks and sweets when you are walking those grocery aisles. And retailers are clever! They place all kinds of delectable treats at the checkout points and other strategic places that lure you into adding a few more things to your trolley. You will be amazed at how these little purchases can start adding up and depleting your budget each month. 

Start buying generic

One of the most viable methods of saving money is to stop buying brands. In many cases, no-name brands offer equal quality compared to branded products. Generic brands of food staples (like beans or rice), cleaning products, meds, and paper products work just as well as their marked-up counterparts. 

Start saving cash automatically

There is a way to save money without even thinking about it. You can set up your banking account to automatically transfer a set amount to your savings account each month. This way, the money goes out of your bank account each month and gets saved for when you need it. Look at it as an expense every month, like a funeral plan, or insurance product. It can be an amount that fits your budget. Any amount that is saved, no matter how big or small, is better than no savings at all. 

Look at making use of fun saving apps such as Liberty Stash.

Ask for discount when you pay cash

If you do not ask, you will never know. Some companies that offer loyalty cards, offer special discounts on grocery items, movie tickets, flight tickets, or have student, teacher, or senior discounts. Some businesses offer discount for cash payments. 

Save money by reducing your energy and water costs

You can reduce your electricity bill by simply making a few changes in your home. Repairing leaking taps or toilets, using LED lightbulbs, or setting your washing machine to wash your laundry in cold water, are all ways that can contribute to lower utility bills every month. Most appliances that are on the market nowadays, have energy saving features to help you save money on your energy bill, but keep in mind that they are pricey. 


I hope this article about the best ways to save money was of some use to you and that you will start incorporating some of these methods to help you with saving towards your financial goals. 

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  1. Saving saving saving
    I already start hopefully I will open the 5lt container in December.
    Thank you for the info

  2. Awesome saving tips! This is my new years resolution! To save money 🙂

  3. I love the idea of setting Saving goals… I often try but fail and reading this gave me the idea to start saving small rather then big

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    Very informative article. Good tips on ways to save.

  5. This super amazing, hoping to win 🤞

    • Delsinia Ranala

      Best tips. Saving gets you disciplined and healthy mind. No stressing because of debt. Thank you for sharing.

  6. As a family we try to save mostly on groceries. We don’t buy Unnecessary items no matter how bad we want it. We work on a I need it basis rather than I want it because we need to work wisely with the little that we have

  7. Thank you for the very helpful tips.

  8. Victoria Mbatha

    So informative.
    I also use Stash, SnapnSave n loyalty Cards. I think they give a bit of savings n discounts as well.

  9. Avril du Preez

    The biggest way that I have been saving is by using the store discount cards. I never ever used to shop at Checkers because they were just too expensive with everything an dtheir sales were on items that I didn’t want or buy. Now they are actually the shop that I shop at mostly. Every single week there are fantastic discounts on actual products that I use and buy. I love it. You don’t get the same sort of satisfaction with the Pick n Pay card because the saving is minimal, especially the points. I think that it gives me greater satisfaction when I literally see the total come down at Checkers. Using my Clicks, Shoprite and Ucounts cards all help at different times. Dischem is the worst🙈 (Sorry) The discount payback is so miniscule that it doesn’t drive me to go and buy there. I only go spend my Ucounts there.

    • I’m with you on that, I love seeing the total go down at Checkers after I swipe and they often have fantastic deals. You should also sho at Food Lovers Market. I got the best deal ever about 2 weeks ago! For just R139 I got a pocket of potatoes, a pocket of butternut, a pocket of gem squash, a pocket of onions and a pocket of carrots. Amazing!

      • I luv the specials that Food Lovers have weekly… and Checkers has always been my favourite shopping place…as we get to save loads at the end of each shopping trip with the xtra-savings card…

        Thank you for sharing

  10. Thank you for the tips. Started my saving journey already.

  11. Avril du Preez

    I am always scouring the internet for free deals, especially ones that will assist my daughter’s education, for example Pick n Pay school club gives a free subscription to E-classroom. It’s an amazing educational CAPS resource site. My daughter loves it because the lessons are summarizes and then you get tested on it.

  12. Great savings tips & advice! Need to fo as much as we can. I love this saying “Save Money, Live Better”

  13. Phakeme Mthembu

    This year I am definitely saving more and spending less. Last year with the harsh lockdown I saw the importance of having cash for rainy days, I will never be caught again without money saved for days when I can’t work.
    Thanx for the article it really is helpful

  14. Nobuhle Tshabalala

    I have already started with my savings although it is not easy

  15. We definitely saved at checkers on black Friday. I did go over my budget slightly but I still have good coffee left for the rest of Januworry.
    Shell vplus is also great. I get about a tank of fuel every 2 or 3 months. You get cash back on your card when you put in fuel.

    • Chantelle Girgan

      We started saving as soon as covid hit. You never know when you need it. Even if we just put R20 away a month its still saving!

  16. Love the tips, we all need help In some way or another

  17. Love the tips on getting rid of debt! It’s my biggest goal for this year. I’ve already started using the snowball effect.

    • Thanks for the amazing article well written and absolutely true. I am definitely inclined to share this as it will benefit plenty

  18. As a young person I find this info helpful. I know one day I will get old so I better start saving now! Most young people think they will be young forever, they are so reckless, I wish they could take their finances seriously. They need to ask their parents how bad is their debt, parents can protect us from the truth of their finances but now I ask my parents so I can learn to do better.

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    • What with the lockdown, we have all been forced to rethink our savings plans – bang on time with this article – thank you. Appreciate the comments as well – I didn’t know about Stash 🙏

      • I love Stash – it is so helpful and I actually cashed out this week because January is such a tough month, more so than ever this year! I had a small bit of savings to help me get through this month.

  20. Saving is a great way to wealth. Be disciplined and you will achieve your goals.

    • I didnt know about stash…Awesome price…i would really like to win this Checkers voucher. It would be such a blessing. If i knew now that i would have have to turn each penny….i would have start saving when i was young

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    This is some sage advice and it’s things that we can implement. I am confronted with pay cuts due to Covid so I have to rethink how I spend and look for other sources of income. I love these tip, they really are great. Thank you.

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    Amazing advice. This is going to be such help to me and my family.

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    I absolutely enjoyed this, and shared this article with my daughter & nieces, teaching them the value of saving from an early age

  28. This is actually very helpful. We as a family used to spend a lot on take aways, because of our busy work schedules. But we quickly realised that dining in is actually much much cheaper. We also started to recycle water – meaning, any water left in the iron, or kettle or what ever may be, I water the plants with. Especially the dogs water bowl. We have a lot of ants, so most of the time the water bowl is full of ants, I now use that for the plants as well instead of tossing it. I also like to shop at checkers, as the savings are really really good. Its better to see your price drop at the till than to get points like at pick n pay. Checkers is our go to shop for everything. This year we also decided to start “budgeting”. We usually just pay whatever we need to and buy whatever we need, but never really budget. This article will sure help with that. xx

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    Thank you. They should be teaching our kids how to manage their money.

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    I’ve just downloaded Stash, thank you for the tip. I’m a big fan of loyalty programs where I get discount or 3 for 2 specials. Family and friends always ask me for advice when they want to save on purchases as I always look at avenues to save money.

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    God Bless

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    Buying snacks for myself and four kids is my downfall, I am sure I spend more than a thousand rand on this at least a month. It is a little here a little there and after reading this article I actually got a reality check.

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  82. I must admit COVID19 with it’s unexpected expenses really did show us how important saving for a rainy day can be. Financialy it has been really tough but thanks to savings we survived. Many of the things mentioned un this article really helps to free up a little bit of money. Thank you for the insightful articles.

  83. I just feel saving at this time is even more harder… I have tried and in the middle of the week im like okay let me just take some bread money and then boom savings is back to square one. I find best is to open a bank account with 32 day notice period that way you make a plan with out touching your savings.

    • Naomi that is a fantastic recommendation. I had a 32 day hold account and it was fantastic because that temptation is removed to take just a little bit from your savings! There was another fantastic account I had a while back, but I can’t remember what it was called. I could withdraw a bit of money from it, say 30% every few months or so. This meant that if I had an emergency there was usually some cash available immediately but I could not withdraw money all the time so it offered some flexibility while still keeping my money safe from dipping into all the time.

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    Groceries are oyr biggest spend most months

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