Fetal Development from Week 1 to 40 Weeks

The development of your baby inside the womb is absolutely incredible. Here’s what happens during fetal development from week 1 to 40 weeks inside the mother’s womb.

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  1. It’s amazing how baby grows in the stomach

  2. Absolutely Amazing!

  3. Elize Swanepoel

    I remember when I was pregnant, I loved watching similar videos to this one.

    I also got a daily update from Dischem as well as Mediclinic about the what is happening with the fetus and inside my tummy. I loved the updates and couldn’t wait for them to arrive in my inbox.

    Being pregnant is still one of the most memorable times of my life and I hope I never forget what it felt like. It blew over so quickly. Before I knew it, I was a Mom.

    It’s hard to believe that at week 5 the fetus has already developed some organs and that the heart is already pumping blood. I never thought of the little peanut in my tummy as a fetus though. I already recognized as my baby.

    At week 10 the fetus already looks like a baby.

    It is incredible to watch the journey of the baby growing and the changes your body goes through, preparing for birth.

    The last trimester was the worst. Having to pee so much and it was painful getting up with the baby lying so low. I had to support my stomach to get up to visit the loo.

    Week 39 was my last week at work and it was sheer torment. I was ready to go and just relax. My feet looked about three times their size. They were swollen and shiny and it was extremely painful. I went to the shops and bought myself a size 9 men’s slippers because none of my shoes fit me anymore.

    I even wore the slippers to work. But as I always say, it was worth it!

    The best part was feeling those kicks and movements. JD was very active during the day, usually in the afternoon after lunch time. 😉

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