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Date Night Attire That is Trendy Yet Comfortable for Moms

When you first learn you are pregnant, it’s really hard to grasp just how much life will change after your little one arrives. Suddenly your needs and wants take a backseat and life revolves around your child. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with that, it can mean that you stop doing things for you and neglecting your needs somewhat. This is exactly why so many couples with kids have to set up specific date nights, to ensure they still get that all-important couple time to connect and just relax together.

If date night is something you and your significant other are ready to embrace, then it’s also worth putting a little thought into your date night attire. Not to worry, there’s no need to pull out a dress and feel uncomfortable all night, as there are plenty of trendy, stylish, and comfortable date night options for moms.

Date Night Attire That Is Trendy Yet Comfortable For Moms

Skip the Heels and Opt for Designer Sneakers Instead

Where it used to be that date night may have involved a pair of fashionable heels to really make your outfit, life after kids isn’t always high-heel friendly. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in designer footwear, it just means you need to change up the styles you choose.

Take a look at the Balenciaga sneakers through SSENSE as a great example. SSENSE is known for carrying a wide array of all the top designer shoes, in just about every style you can imagine. Founded back in 2003, SSENSE has more than 400 luxury brands for both men and women on its site. The Balenciaga sneakers are a great way to mix cutting-edge design with a style that won’t feel uncomfortable to wear. Today, women are wearing sneakers with all kinds of outfits too, so don’t be shy in mixing things up and pairing the shoes with less likely wardrobe choices.

Add Instant Elegance with a Blazer

Here’s another trick that moms will love. Rather than having to buy all new outfits for your date nights to come, investing in one good quality blazer may be all you need. Blazers instantly add a sense of fashion, elegance, and sophistication to any outfit. Even a simple white t-shirt and jeans will look dramatically different when you throw a blazer on with it. As for what color to get, you’re best to go with either black or white. Just be sure that the blazer fits well and is structured.

A Great Pair of Dark Denim

If you’re the type that lives in jeans and can’t even imagine putting on a pair of dressy trousers, then you’re in luck because dark denim can take you all kinds of places. Dark denim just has a more elegant look about it, and if you pick a classic style like slim or boot cut then it will also be timeless, meaning it won’t fade in and out of fashion. Be sure to take the time to try on various styles and brands, so you can find the pair that not only flatters you but is also comfortable.

Look and Feel Great

These tips will help you feel and look great on your next date night with your significant other.

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  1. Wow love this tips

  2. Date nights are so few and far between. Long gone are the days when I would wear tight dresses and high heels. My favourite is to wear smart jeans and an elegant blouse with a jacket. It is so important to me now to be comfortable. Life is so different from before kids!

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