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3 Gorgeous Long Maxi Dresses Every Woman Will Love

Long maxi dresses are a very popular fashion choice for women and it’s not hard to see why so many women choose them. Whether for casual wear at the beach or dressed up for a function they will always be a hit.

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10 Reasons why we love long maxi dresses

  1. They are super comfy

Wearing a ,long maxi dress is almost as good as staying in your pyjamas all day as far as comfort goes. And dresses that are made from natural bamboo/cotton blend fabric are generally breathable and light. It’s as easy as pull the dress over your head, slip on some flats and you’re ready to go.

  1. They are flattering

Maxi dresses flare out from the waist down, highlighting your curves but hiding unflattering spots. These dresses are typically ideal for almost any body type and are an excellent choice for pregnant ladies.

  1. No need for matching

Some days it feels like putting together an outfit can be a daunting task particularly when you’re expecting and are not in the mood for tight, uncomfortable pieces. Most maxi dresses go well with simple brown or black accessories.

  1. No need for shaving

I know most ladies is going to appreciate this one. No one has to know that you haven’t shaved for a few days as they won’t see it.

  1. Sun protection

Maxi dresses are perfect for wearing over a bathing suit when you’re on the beach. They are comfier and cooler than shorts and some are made with sun protection to block harmful UV rays.

  1. They are a feminine choice

Contrary to the baggy-like shift dresses, a maxi dress is feminine, flirty and don’t hide your figure. This means you can be comfortable, yet look feminine and like a lady. You can boost your look by putting on an armful of jingly bangles, pendant earrings or a delicate pendant.

  1. Versatility is at the order of the day

Unlike jeans, a maxi dress can be worn to weddings, dinner dates, to work or simply going to the supermarket. You can dress them up for a more formal look or wear as is for a laid-back look. You can change your look by swapping shoes or accessories. Some pregnant ladies swear by maxi dresses because they are stylish, comfortable and are accommodating to your growing bump.

  1. Low-maintenance

You hardly ever need to have a maxi dress dry-cleaned. Mostly they need to be thrown in the washing machine and will be fine for wearing, although some may need to be line dried. Many are made from fabric which is wrinkle-free making them a perfect choice to roll up and pack for a getaway or your next vacation.

  1. Avoid those wardrobe malfunctions

With a maxi dress you are covered from your shoulders all the way down and the probability of a button coming loose or anything riding up is minimal. A maxi dress is perfect for attending more conservative events like tea with your in-laws, church or a baby shower without having to worry about anything going south.

  1. They are a classic selection

Maxi dresses have been around since the seventies and will remain in style for generations to come. They are a popular choice due to the variety of colors, styles, patterns and fabric choices available. A solid colored maxi dress with a classic shape can be worn despite all the fashion trends by just changing your accessories.

Gorgeous maxi dresses that every woman will adore

  1. Hello mizz ruffle off the shoulder floral maxi dress

  1. Exlura Boho style Summer’s maxi dress

  1. Off the shoulder ruffle party maxi dress

These are only a few of our favorite styles. Be sure to visit for a great selection of maxi dresses to choose from.

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