Elsa Dress from Frozen review

Elsa from Frozen Dress Review – It’s a Winner!

Are all little girls still crazy about Frozen? I know the movie came out just over 3 years ago but in my home the Elsa obsession is just as strong as it was the day it came out.

There is this infatuation with finding the perfect Elsa from Frozen dress and while we have had a few dresses with a print of Anna and Elsa or the odd top, I have never found a dress that really looked the part.

I did come across loads of dresses online claiming to be amazing Frozen dresses but when I looked at the images they looked to me to be a very poor replica with a high price tag.

Then I started looking around eBay and I have found some really awesome things, including the rainbow tutu I reviewed last year.

Imagine my happiness at coming across an Elsa from Frozen Dress on ebay for about R110 (including postage)and when I checked it out it looked perfect!

I placed my order and it took about 6 weeks to arrive which felt like an incredibly long wait…

When the dress arrived my daughter was over the moon unwrapping it…

And of course she had to try it on immediately… just like me when I get something new I have to wear it immediately!

So the dress comes with a little Frozen brooch for pinning to the front of the outfit. It comes with a matching Frozen tiara which is a lovely finishing touch for the outfit.

The actual dress is quite stunning. The sleeves are a kind of white stretch netting and the bodice is blue sequins.

The bottom part of the skirt is a blue satin look material which is covered by a top skirt of blue chiffon type fabric.

What I love most about this dress is the beautiful cloak which is made from a white chiffon type fabric with silver snowflakes prints on it. It just makes the dress ultra special and gives it the ultimate Elsa look.

The fit is perfect and even though the dress was received over a month ago and it has been worn almost daily and washed countless times it is still in perfect condition.

Looking at the price and the fact that it is actually a dress up item I assumed it would not last too long, but much to my pleasant surprise I have been proven wrong.

Do I recommend you get this? Hell yes!

Grab your Elsa from Frozen Dress from ebay! The only negative is the long time for delivery but it is well worth the wait.

Elsa from Frozen dress front and back

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  1. She is sooooooo beautiful. You can be so proud!!!
    Yes all the little girls i know still love them.
    Maybe they should think about Frozen 2.

    • Thanks Marisca, oh yes I would love a Frozen 2. I must say Frozen is certainly one of the best kids movies ever.

  2. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I know my niece would love it too

  3. So pretty and frozen is the in thing. My brothers little girl turning 4 have frozen pajamas with Elsa and the winter cap and gloves of frozen and her bed is frozen and her blanket that they made is frozen with a picture of Elsa with her name Bailley.

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