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Elliott From Earth Review – A Delightful Kids TV Show You Don’t Want To Miss

I’m so excited to share my Elliott From Earth review with you after watching the first four episodes that premiered on Cartoon Network Africa on the weekend. If  you have been looking for a fantastic show for kids, that you will enjoy too, I recommend that you read this full review as well as the press release I published recently about Elliott From Earth.

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Elliott From Earth Review

The Storyline Of The First Four Episodes Of Elliott From Earth

The first episode of Elliott From Earth introduces Elliott and his mom Frankie. Elliott and Frankie are always on the move with Frankie searching for answers to the rock she discovered that she is sure is from alien origin. Constantly traveling means that Elliott is never in one place long enough to make friends. The first episode ends with Elliott and Frankie activating the rock into a transport sphere into space.

The second episode sees Elliott and Frankie arrive on an alien planet where they meet a dinosaur called Mo. As night falls and beautiful plants light up an adventure begins with Elliott and his mom chasing after a strange creature that turns out to be a robot.

The third episode begins with an alien coming to the planet in a beam of light startling Elliott, Frankie and Mo. They find out that the planet they are on is Biosphere 11-38 and when Mo jumps into the beam of light the alien follows and so do Elliott and Frankie, transporting them off Biosphere 11-3.8.

In the fourth episode Elliot, Frankie and Mo are navigating their way in the Hive, which is the city at the centre of The Centrium. They face some challenges and dangers along the way before finding a safe and comfortable place for them to call home.

Now that Elliott, Frankie and Mo are settled in their new home I can’t wait to see what adventures await them in their exciting new world. There are a total of twenty episodes of 11 minutes each.

Elliott From Earth Tv Program

My Verdict For Elliott From Earth

Elliott From Earth is a delightful kids TV program that offers entertainment as well as fantastic learning opportunities for children. While it is a children’s program adults will enjoy it too, which is very important in my books. I love it when I can watch something with my children that does not drive me up the wall.

Elliott From Earth also offers fantastic ways for me to open the lines of communication with my children. We spoke about how Elliott struggled to make a friend in the first episode and how the boy in the shop kept his face glued to his screen making communication impossible for Elliott.

We also discussed how Frankie was scared of taking help from someone that looked scary then later accepted help from someone that looked sweet and caring yet turned out to be dangerous. It highlights how we cannot judge anyone by how they appear and we have to be very careful of who we trust.

This TV show is the perfect pace for kids, offering a fun and exciting escape, some good giggles and at the same time teaching children about the important of friendship, and celebrating diversity.

It is so important to choose the right TV programs for kids, the things that they watch does play a big part in their development, and Elliott From Earth ticks all the right boxes for me as a parent.

I highly recommend that you watch Elliott From Earth with your kids on Saturdays at 09h35 on Cartoon Network Africa – channel 301 on Dstv, and on Gotv, channel 67 (Ghana and Uganda 356).

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