Unpacking The Cambridge Syllabus

College Students At Table

All parents want to give their children the best start they can. Unfortunately, there are concerns around the standard of education in South Africa particularly amongst parents considering emigration or who hope to send their children abroad for their tertiary education. Many are asking themselves whether their children will receive …

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Why GenZ And GenAlpha Need To Do School Differently

School is rooted in tradition, and all too often we, as parents, look to nurture our connection with our growing and increasingly independent children through them having a similar educational experience to us.  This might have worked for past generations.  However, the seismic changes in our world accelerated by relentless …

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The Case For In Person Education

In person learning

Many parents, concerned about the quality of education being impacted by on-again, off-again schooling, have started looking at online options for their children. The challenges are indeed enormous but perhaps what is missing from the online versus on-campus schooling debate is the case for in person education. School is one …

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How Online Tutoring Can Benefit Students

Online Tutoring

Along with many salient aspects of our lives, the pandemic has drastically affected our children’s education system. Recent research by UNESCO shows that partial and full school closures have affected the learning journey of more than half of the world’s children. Educational institutions across the world are taking adaptive measures …

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9 Tips For Parents To Help Prepare Kids For College

Young woman college

Parents play an important role in helping their children adjust fast after joining college. As a parent, you need to start creating a learning environment for your child and let them understand how high school life differs from college life. In addition to helping your child to adjust to college …

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The Pioneers of the Post-Covid School System

Post-Covid School System

The learners and teachers of transitional phase grades (R, 3 7 and 12) faced unprecedented challenges this past year as schools had closed down across the country in the wake of the deadly Covid-19 virus. These grades are unique in that they are meant to prepare students for a more advanced …

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How To Cope With Matric Results

Coping With Matric Results

The release of matric results is typically a high stakes time for many students and their parents, but pandemic disruptions throughout 2020 are adding extra angst. This week, the anticipation will be over, but getting these final school marks in black and white can spiral some young South Africans, and …

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