3 Fun Games To Teach Your Kids About Money

Sometimes it feels to me as if my kids think that money grows on trees, and teaching my kids about money is something that I feel is really important. They need to know that money is earned through hard work and that if you want to buy something you need …

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Best Tips For A Smooth Shift To E-learning

Online class

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world into conflict. Educators and academic institutions are taking learning to the digital realm due to this uncertainty and speculation surrounding COVID-19. The transition to virtual classrooms is causing concern among students and educators alike. Adapting to the digital domain will take …

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Why Koa Academy Chooses The IEB Pathway To The 4iR World Of Work

Girl learning online

In South Africa, learners following the CAPS curriculum achieve their Matric qualifications (National Senior Certificate – NSC) either through writing the assessments of the Department of Basic Education (DBE) or the Independent Examinations Board (IEB).  However, this is not to say that DBE and NSC learners just write different final …

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South Africa’s First Pod School

Pod School

From school through tertiary education, post-grad studies and work-based training, the South African digital learning environment is developing and expanding at a record rate.  For families, online schools are offering a range of choices they have never had before. While geography has been a traditional limitation when it comes to …

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Busting The Myths Of Online Schooling

Teaching online school

In 2020, across the world, many families had an extraordinary experience of online schooling as the pandemic shut down brick-and-mortar schools for extended periods.  All things were far from equal.  Many low-income families didn’t have the data and devices to get their children properly connected; while the middle-class and up …

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SACAP Boosts School Leavers’ Vocational Options – Launch of Two Business-Focused Higher Certificate Programmes

SACAP school leavers

SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology) has announced the 2022 launch of two new Higher Certificate educational programmes in its Management and Leadership faculty offering school leavers a vocational pathway into the South African business sector.  The SACAP Higher Certificates in Business Management and Human Resources Management are accredited, one-year …

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The Future Of Work: Setting Your High Schooler Up For Success

Setting your high schooler up for success

We’re in the midst of a seismic change in the world of work.  We’ve seen tech disruption so far eliminate industries, transform others and usher in brand-new ones.  Many working parents have experienced this first-hand. We expect emerging and evolving technologies to continue their innovation and disruption at an ever-escalating …

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Helping Your Matriculant Choose A Higher Education Institution

Happy matriculant

Across South Africa, thousands of successful matriculants are about to embark on a new and vital stage of their educational journey.  It’s widely recognised that gaining some kind of tertiary education enhances young people’s opportunities to find fulfilling work and meet their future career and life goals. A 2021 survey …

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The Importance of Outdoor Education

More than 20 years ago, Somerset College learners undertook the school’s first Trek. The advantages observed highlighted the importance of outdoor learning and the school, based in Somerset West, now offers dedicated experiences for all age groups from Grade 1 to Grade 11. Why Outdoor Education? A number of studies …

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Combating ‘Unplaced Children’ In Schools

Education supplies

Every year, without fail, thousands of families struggle with the battle to get their child placed into a school. Previously, they might be battling for a spot at their school of preference, but recently it’s about finding a spot at all. All is not lost, however, as online schools are …

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Why A High-engagement School Environment Boosts Learning

As parents, we want our children to be enthusiastic about their learning and enjoy their day-to-day schooling experiences as much as possible.  Overall, we aim for them to love their school.  Many parents assume that this will happen automatically when we enrol them in a reputable brick-and-mortar school with good …

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COVID + Lockdowns: 54% Of Families In South Africa Bought Or Rented Extra Devices For Remote Learning, Kaspersky Findings

Extra devices for online learning

In a recent survey*, Kaspersky identified the technical challenges families faced during mandatory remote learning following lockdown measures that were instituted across the globe at the onset and continued in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To provide all their children with the devices they needed for online classes, more …

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The Impact Of COVID-19 On Education

School girl standing by wall art mural

The COVID-19 epidemic has influenced education and learning, with the most vulnerable children hardest hit, according to READ Educational Trust. Since the coronavirus pandemic, students have lost critical learning time due to rotational attendance, intermittent school closures, and grade-specific days off. Additional school day losses and unforeseen school closures were largely …

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Growing Demand For Online Teachers In SA

Online teachers

In the last two years, the world of education has changed dramatically amid the pandemic, with the demand for distance learning growing rapidly. Optimi Home, which operates South Africa’s biggest homeschooling provider Impaq, has witnessed this trend first-hand with record numbers of families switching to its offering in the last …

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