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Five Tips for Editing Cinematic Wedding Highlight Videos

A wedding is a special event and everyone wants to preserve their memories for a lifetime. Shooting a cinematic wedding highlights video is the best option to preserve memories. It can be a challenge to create cinematic wedding highlights videos if you don’t know much about video editing. But it’s not as hard as it looks. Once you have recorded snapshots of the event, you need to assemble them in a single video. With the right editing features, you can add a majestic touch to your wedding videos.

Do you want to create high-quality cinematic wedding highlights videos? Read on to know some tips for editing your wedding highlights videos.

Five Tips for Editing Cinematic Wedding Highlight Videos

Use An Online Video Editor

What do you plan to use to edit your wedding videos? The tools used for editing wedding videos can decide the quality of your videos. Beginners often use built-in editing features on desktops or smartphones to edit wedding videos. The built-in editing features of multimedia devices are elementary and are unlikely to help you create the perfect cinematic wedding highlights video.

You can use an online video maker/editor to make cinematic wedding videos. A video editor will provide you with multiple editing options like stickers, animations and filters. You won’t spend time wondering where to start by using an online video editor. There are many video makers/editors in the market and, you have to choose the most reliable one for you.

Wedding recorders often spend days editing footage and clips. With an online video maker , you can reduce the time spent making cinematic wedding videos. Many top video editors also offer a free version for checking their features. You can also buy the premium version of a reliable video editor for more advanced editing features.

Follow A Story-based Approach

A wedding is a special day for the bride and groom, and you need to record every moment. Your wedding highlights video cannot directly showcase the ring exchange ceremony. You need to build a story around the wedding video to make it more interesting. Video editors always recommend a story-based approach for making engaging videos. If you are to share the wedding highlights videos on social media, a story-based approach can help you in making it more appealing to the audience.

While recording a wedding video, you can record the whole day starting from the arrival of guests. Later on, you can use a video maker and, combine the best moments of the day to create a story-based video. You can start your wedding highlights videos with B-roll footage to build anticipation among viewers. You need to tell the story as it happened via your cinematic wedding highlights video.

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Add Transitions To Your Wedding Video

Transitions are sudden changes from one video shot to another. Transitions make the video more interesting as multiple shots are synced together. However, the issue with adding video transitions is that they should be seamless. Smooth transitions will please viewers and offer a great viewing experience. Video experts advise that transition from one shot to another should always occur when the focus object/person is in motion. Your transitions will be in perfect sync if you switch from one shot to another when in motion.

There are various types of transitions that you can use for your wedding highlights video. Some transitions are fade in/out, dissolve, wipe, zoom, and whip. Besides shooting only the bride and groom, you can also shoot wedding decorations, bridesmaids, and other moments. You can use all the clips to add transitions to your wedding video. For example, flower decoration or bridesmaid footage is perfect for adding a stationary fade transition. You can also use other objects like the doorway or table to introduce transitions to your wedding video. An online video maker can help you introduce smooth transitions to your wedding video.

Use Light Leaks In Your Wedding Video

A light leak is created on photos/videos when there is a gap in the shooting device. When extra light sneaks in the camera, a light leak is created. A light leak can then cast shadows on footage or can change their lighting. A light leak also appears when the camera is broken or there is a gap for the light to sneak in. However, it is not necessary to break your camera to get the light leak effect. You can remove the lens of your camera and overload the image sensor to create light leaks. Light leaks can be added to your videos during shooting or during the editing process.

Light leaks can create different colors in your footage and can give them a unique look. For example, you must have come across shots where a red glare is formed in the images due to a light leak. Even though light leaks can be appealing, you should not overuse them for your wedding videos. Try to have a perfect combination of natural and edited shots.

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Choose The Right Music

A wedding video without the perfect music in the backdrop is like a dry river without water. Adding background music to your cinematic video will make it more appealing to the audience. You can add multiple music tracks to your wedding video based on the event in progress. You can also add scenes of original music played at your wedding by a DJ or band. Make sure to add catchy background music that is relatable to the wedding.

If you plan to use your wedding video for commercial purposes, make sure your backdrop music is licensed. Licensed audio tracks are allowed to be used commercially and you are unlikely to run into any hassles. A reliable video editor will have a vast audio library with license-free songs.

In a nutshell 

Adding a cinematic effect to your wedding video may seem difficult at first. However, with the right video editing tools and techniques, you can make it truly outstanding. Edit your wedding video to give it a cinematic effect!

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