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Easy Tips To Leash Train Your Puppy

When bringing home a puppy, there are certain things that you need to teach your new pet. The first is to familiarize the puppy with your daily routines. Next is to make them constant of wearing a leash. Let your puppy know what your method is and make them part of the family.

Easy Tips To leash Train Your Puppy

Tips to leash train your puppy

Many dog owners state that they are unable to get their puppies to wear the leash. Some parents even complain that the leash makes their pups intolerant and aggressive. Here, we will explain a few ways to leash train a puppy without alerting them or making them anxious.

Puppy leash training is very crucial if you desire to take your puppy outdoors. The leash not only helps you to keep your pup safe but also enhances the etiquettes of your pet. But you need to note that some dogs need a longer time to train. If you want your puppy, comfortable in the leash and have a good walk outdoors, the following tricks may help you.

  1. Get them to wear a collar as soon as possible

You need to get a collar for your puppy the moment he starts growing. Make them wear it every time you take them outdoors. Get a collar that is reliable, comfortable and looks super cute on your pup.

If you do not wish to put on a collar, you may opt for a back harness. This will let you tie a leash onto it when you plan to take them out for a walk. Remember to take off the collar from your pup once you both are home.

  1. Introduce the leash to your pup before putting them on

Once you buy the leash, let your puppy check it out with their cute, curious sniffs. Let them know the leash and explore it. Expecting the puppy to be comfortable from the first day is wrong. Putting them in the leash may make them anxious and scared. This will further push your puppy away from the leash, and it may get difficult for you to make them comfortable. You need to make them realize that the leash is not dangerous. Introducing the leash to your puppy will make them trust both you and the leash.

  1. Take a walk around the house with the leash on

At the very beginning, do not expect that your puppy will go a far distance with the leash on. They are getting to know the leash; thus, you need to give them some more time to trust it. You can put the leash onto your pup and take him for a walk around the house. If you do not want them to enter a specific room, you need to give a gentle pull. This will make them realize that it is off territory for them. Handle the leash and let them guide you where they want to go.

Puppy wearing leash

  1. Do not go too far at the beginning

Once your puppy gets used to wearing the leash, take them for short outdoor walks. Be careful not to be a control freak, as it may make the puppy uncomfortable. Let the leash loose and let your puppy walk beside you. Keeping them right beside you will also boost their confidence. Take short trips to known places. This will keep the puppy calm, as they would not have to worry about a new environment. Take them to the nearest park and let them explore more with you.

  1. Never be an aggressive puller

With large breed dogs, you might want to pull the leash harder when they detour at times. Yet, it is best to avoid this situation. Pulling the leash makes dogs very nervous and confused. At times a lot of dogs get hurt in the process. But, if your dog pulls the leash, try standing still. This will make them know that their action is not accepted. If you want your little friend to follow your path, offer them treat times. Show them love, when they follow you by patting them, talking or giving them small treats. This will make them realize that if they obey you, they are sure to get treated. Your puppy is sure to get excited at times when you take him out for a walk. But when they resume back, it’s time for you treat them. Treats always keep puppies happy and obedient!

  1. Distracted puppy? Walk faster!

If your puppy is always distracted when you take him outdoors for a walk then, best is to increase your pace. Your pup will also enjoy your enthusiasm. And he will stop pulling leash towards other direction. Moreover, brisk walking is right for you and your puppy’s health.

  1. Make it a routine

One of the most fun-filled exercises is taking your puppy out for a walk. So, make it a routine workout session to take out your dog for a walk at specific times of the day. Once the pup grows big, you will realize that your puppy gets excited and happy the moment you pick up the leash. If your puppy loves learning new tricks, you can teach him to fetch his leash every time you get ready to go out. This will also make your pup smarter!

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Types of leash

You will come through a few different types of leashes, both offline and online. The ranges in leash types are lesser than collar types. Yet, choosing the right leash depends on the temperament of your puppy. There are two types of leashes.

(i) Standard: This is a generic leash available. They come in either rope style or flat band style. You will come across different materials and designs in these leashes.

(ii) Retractable Leash: These types are for the dogs that are leash trained. They are coiled up inside and pulls out to specific lengths. There is an interlock system for the owners to manage the length of the leash.

Enjoy the walk

Once your dog has understood the concept of the leash, it is time for you two to go outdoors and explore. Go to unexplored places and enjoy the outdoors. Let your dog have fun while sticking to the right direction. Your puppy will grow up to be your friend; so, once they are adults, you need to trust their intuitions too. Let them take you to places where they want, while you keep a protective watch on them.

Remember that if your puppy is taking a little longer to get used to the leash, do not worry. You need to have patience and keep training them every day. Some puppies are more pampered, free-willed; and they get confused when limited. This is when you need to show your love to make them trust your decisions. Let them explore their way, and they are sure to get habituated with your timelines. And do not forget treats. Every dog loves treat times, and it is the best way to teach them new things, even to wear a leash.

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