Drynites boys pajama pants

DryNites Pyjama Pants Review

DryNites are disposable pyjama pants specially designed for children that are over the age of three years old. They are available for boys and girls in two different sizes – 4 to 7 years old and 8 to 15 years old.

DryNites are simple and convenient way to cope if your child is struggling with bedwetting.

DryNites Pyjama Pants Review

Our Experience With DryNites

Both my children started showing interest in the toilet from about 18 months old but it took quite a while for my kids to master being able to make it to the toilet in time. By the time they were between 2 and 3 years old they had both mastered day time control.

However, with both my children, getting through the night dry became a challenge and with that came frustration for both myself and my kids, along with the extra work of washing and drying sheets every single day for what felt like forever. I’m not big on chores and I struggle to get everything done on a normal basis due to the fact that I am a work from home mother.

I’m also not fond of waking up in the middle of the night to wash and change my kids and change bedding. I know most people don’t enjoy being woken up but I take it very badly since I suffer from sleeping problems and if I miss out on sleep it affects me very badly, it also makes my insomnia kick in.

I spoke to a few mothers and I searched online for information and from what I could find out most kids master night time dryness within a week or two. So my kids were certainly not the norm here.

My son is 4 year old and has thankfully stopped wetting the bed every night, however there are still a few nights each week where there is a little accident. He is a very deep sleeper so he doesn’t always manage to wake up to go to the bathroom, instead he wakes up as he starts urinate.

It’s not nearly as bad as it was before but it still requires a change of clothes and sometimes the sheets too.

We tried out DryNites recently and it worked very well for us. We had a small challenge when they arrived since my son didn’t want to use them because he said they are nappies. Thankfully the awesome Spiderman design saved the day since he absolutely loves Spiderman. I explained to him that they are not nappies. They are Spiderman sleep pants for big boys.

I love the way that DryNites is so comfortable and they absorb the moisture so quickly. My son is still starting urinate in his sleep a few times during the week but he wakes up as soon as he starts and then goes to the toilet. The urine is kept away from his body, so he is kept dry and after he has gone to the toilet he can go straight back to bed, or (more often than not) come and climb into bed with me.

This saves me getting up at night, it saves me washing extra clothing and bedding and best of all my poor son does not have to wake up wet which must be awful for him, I’m sure. It’s also saved me from waking up wet in my own bed which has happened once or twice when my son has come to sleep with me.

Pack Of DryNites Teddy Bear

My Verdict For DryNites

I highly recommend you try out DryNites if your child is wetting the bed, it makes it so much easier to cope while you address the situation of bedwetting. They are comfortable and discreet, as well as a good quality disposable that holds a good amount of liquid.

If you would like to try them out you can request a free sample from their website.

DryNites are available from Babies R Us, Baby City, Checkers, Clicks, Pick n Pay Hyper and Takealot.

In addition to being a great product I was also able to get a lot of information from their website about bedwetting in older children which helped me immensely in understanding the problem better, as well as to find tips to help my children stop wetting the bed.


Different Types Of Enuresis

After looking at the DryNites website I was able to find some additional information on bedwetting in older children (also known as enuresis).

There are two types of enuresis – Primary and Secondary Enuresis.

Primary enuresis affects 10 – 15% of children 5 years and older and makes up . This is when a child has not managed to achieved night time dryness over a period of 6 or more consecutive months.

So both my children would have fallen into the primary enuresis category and looking at the statistics it is not so abnormal after all.

Secondary enuresis is when a child over 5 years old that has already mastered night dryness for a period of 6 consecutive months or more starts wetting the bed regularly.

Reasons Why Children Wet The Bed

Children can wet the bed for physiological and psychological reasons.

Children have a small bladder capacity which means that they empty their bladder prematurely without being able to control it. It could also be a hormonal reason. Our bodies create an antidiuretic hormone while we sleep, which slows down our urine production which in turn makes it possible for us to sleep without needing us to go to the toilet. Some children don’t have enough of this hormone which results in bedwetting.

Another reason for bedwetting could be the result of deep sleep, such as the case with my son, where they are sleeping so deeply they just don’t wake up when they need to urinate.

Bedwetting can also be hereditary, so if one or both parents were bedwetters during their own childhood your child is more likely to have the same problem.

The reasons behind bedwetting may also be psychological such as when parents are going through a divorce, the birth of a sibling, when a family moves home, when a child moves schools, if a child goes through a traumatic event, or any other significant event happens.

Bedwetting may also be the sign of a medical problem such as a urinary tract infection or the onset of diabetes so it is a good idea to have your child checked by a doctor if you have any concerns.

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