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How To Dress Your Baby For Swimming

Taking your baby for a swim will always be a fun activity to share with the family. However, before you take a dip with your baby, you need to prepare them well by bringing proper swim attire. Not only will it make them look cute, but it will also make them feel comfortable as they enjoy the water.

There’s plenty of swim attire your baby could wear for their first swim. While focusing on its design might be at the top of your mind, there’s more to a pretty colour that you need to prioritize. As you search for the best boys or girls swimwear for this season, below are some tips to dress your baby for swimming:

How to dress your baby for swimming

Choose Comfortable Swim Attire

Ideally, your swimsuit shouldn’t be too tight for your baby as they might feel too snug, making their stomach too compressed and unbearable. On the other hand a swimsuit that is too loose may result in them feeling cold, even in warm water. Ideally, it should fit just right, even if it will only last them for a few months.

Moreover, you should also look for swim attire that your child can wear easily. It will be best to look for attire that has a front zip enclosure so you can easily put their arms and legs through.

If your baby is below three months old, it’s best to use a baby wet suit to keep them warm and snug while they’re in the water.

Purchase Swim Diapers

If your baby isn’t potty trained, you can just expect how horrifying it’ll be if your baby suddenly poops in the pool. Not only would everyone see it, but it’d also require an intensive cleaning process. To keep your little one’s business contained, you should make them wear swim diapers that they can comfortably wear as they take a dip.

While a disposable diaper can help, they’re not the most comfortable since it will absorb a lot of water. A swim diaper is designed to stay thin but contain your baby’s pee and poo when needed.

Baby swimming pool

Make Them Wear A Life Jacket

Safety should always be your number one priority when swimming with your baby. You never know what could happen when you expose your baby to the water. Even if the pool bottom is within their reach, there is still the possibility of your baby drowning. To prevent any accidents or emergencies from happening, you should make your baby wear a life jacket.

A life jacket is much safer than inflatable armbands, as life jackets help keep your entire baby floating. Just ensure that you look for a life jacket that fits your baby perfectly, as with a loose one there is a risk of your child slipping out of the jacket, defeating its purpose of lifting your baby back to the surface.

Swimming With Baby Tips

As you already know how to dress your baby for swimming, you must equip yourself with the right knowledge of what you must do to allow for a comfortable and safe swimming experience. This will help create amazing memories and allow your children to enjoy the water. Additionally, listed below are some tips when swimming with a baby:

  1. Always Keep An Eye On Your Baby

Even if your baby is fully equipped with a life vest and their swimming environment feels completely safe as they’re just in the pool, you should always keep an eye on them.

Never be too complacent when it comes to water and your baby. Even if the depth of the water is just one to two inches, your baby could still drown, especially if they fall forward. Further, if your baby tries to crawl or walk and slip into the pool, their head could bump into the floor, which can lead to concussion or fatal emergencies.

No matter how safe your environment feels, always keep an eye on your baby. Not paying full attention can risk your child’s life.

  1. Prepare All Essentials Ahead Of Time

There’s nothing more frustrating than being already out in the waters only to find out you’ve forgotten to pack everything you need to keep your baby comfortable and safe.

Before you head to the water, you should prepare all essentials ahead of time. Ideally, a few days before your big trip so you can pack other essentials as days go by without forgetting anything anything.

It’s recommended that you keep a checklist of everything you need to pack. This includes their swimsuit, life jacket, shoes, sunblock, towel, toys, and anything that helps keep your baby dry and snug after their swim.

  1. Limit Pool Time

If your baby is six months old and below, you should limit their swim exposure to 10 to 15 minutes at a time – for safety purposes. This will help to keep them from getting too cold.

For your babies who are six to twelve months old, they shouldn’t stay in the water for more than 30 minutes. Moreover, it would be more comfortable if you could look for a place where the water is warm and clean, such as a heated pool.

  1. Bring Baby’s Favourite Water Toy

Since it will be your baby’s first time swimming, they might not be too fond of exposing themselves to a large water space. If they have only been exposed to water in a bath tub it might be too overwhelming for your baby to suddenly submerge their entire body in a pool.

To make your baby feel comfortable and safe, bring along their favourite bath toy. This can help to make their swim and bath time more comfortable and enjoyable.

When bringing bath toys for your baby, try to show the water toys one by one and not put all of them in the water at once as this can overwhelm your child. Giving them one toy to hold onto should be enough to make them feel safe, as there’s something familiar they’re holding onto.


Dressing your baby for his first swim should be fun and exciting for everyone. These tips will help your baby will be comfortable and stay safe while enjoying his swimming experience.

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  1. huggies sell the little swimmers, the reason i love it is because it does not swell up like the normal diapers. i enjoy going in the water with my kiddo it helps her to not be scared. also do not forget the sunblock

    • Yes we used the little swimmers when they were babies and they worked so well 🙂 I also had swimming bottoms for them that were specially made for swimming 🙂

  2. Thank you for the amazing article Lynne! Would appreciate it even more if you could possibly get an article related to swimming for babies with eczema if possible please?

  3. What an amazing article Lynne! Would appreciate it even more if you could possibly get an article related to swimming for babies with eczema if possible please?

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