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Door Of Hope – Giving Abandoned Children Hope And A Future

Door Of Hope Children’s Mission is a non-profit organisation that helps change the lives of abandoned children in South Africa.

Door Of Hope - Giving Abandoned Children Hope And A Future

About Door Of Hope

Door of Hope is a non-profit organization that is guided by their faith and the teachings of Jesus. Their mission is to provide care and support to children who have been abandoned or are in need. They believe that every child deserves a loving and permanent family, and they work tirelessly to make this a reality. Their ultimate goal is to help these children not just survive, but to thrive and reach their full potential.

Tragically, South Africa sees over 10,000 abandoned babies each year, with the majority of them being found deceased. Baby Savers South Africa, a coalition of organizations dedicated to ending unsafe infant abandonment, reports these heartbreaking statistics. It is a pressing issue that requires attention and action to ensure the safety and well-being of these vulnerable infants.

Their Mission Is Fourfold:

  • Saving Abandoned Babies
  • Bringing Children Home
  • Building People of Character
  • Bridging a Better World

How Door Of Hope Started

In 1999, under the leaderships of Pastor Cheryl Allen, the Berea Baptist Church made a hole in their wall with a “Baby Box” where babies could be left anonymously and safely at any time for the church to care for them. When a baby is placed there care workers on duty are notified by an electronic signal.

Since then the word has spread and babies have been brought in by parents, clinics, community members, police, and hospitals.

Door Of Hope Fundraiser

How You Can Help Door Of Hope

There are many ways to get involved with Door Of Hope and make a difference, from volunteering, donating, fundraising, praying, and spreading the word.


You can start your own fundraising campaign for Door Of Hope through GivenGain. You can get creative with your fundraising efforts for example raise funds for your birthday, perform a physical feat, give up chocolate for a month, or more.

Door Of Hope Volunteers

Local and international volunteers are welcome. Check their volunteer page for the requirements and application forms.

You can donate a monthly or recurring amount.

You can Adopt-A-Crib where you will be assigned a specific child and be updated regularly on that child’s progress until the child is adopted, reunited with family, or joins the Door Of Hope Family. Once your child has been placed in a forever home you will be allocated a new child to care for.

The Box To Home Project is a great way to donate. The Inner-city baby house is old, but with its location, and being home to the first baby box it is crucial to build a new box and home. You can donate through buying bricks or sponsoring a room.


Never underestimate the power of prayer! Sign up on their prayer page to receive prayer prompts.

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