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Dog Paintings Vs Photos: Why Paintings Can Be A Better Option

Memes, fail videos, Facebook profile pictures – no matter where you look, you’ll see that people’s love for dogs has never been absent from their social media content. Almost everyone adores dogs.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that you have no less than 20 photos of your dog on your phone. Of course, she deserves it. With all the happiness that our canine friends bring us, our photos merely serve as keepers of our most precious memories with our dogs.

In matters of immortalizing our best moments with our best friends, photos are great and all. However, there’s other better and cooler ways of doing this. Here’s probably something you’ve never tried, dog paintings.

And here are six reasons why you should:

Paintings Allow Artistic Variations 

Let us first analyze the nature of the two art forms. The word “photography” came from the Greek word “photos,” meaning light, and “graphein,” meaning to draw. Essentially, the only product that you can get from photography is what you see with your two eyes.

On the other hand, painting is technically an artist’s rendition of a scenery. If you want your dog to look like it’s smiling, just say so. If you want your dogs to look like they’re chasing each other, it can be done. Painting is better than photography in the sense that it allows more creativity and variation to be done to the image of your beloved pet.

Your Painting Will Be One-Of-A-Kind. 

Even the most-skillful painter who ever lived will never be able to replicate a painting of your dog. Each painting in the world can’t be duplicated, because they’re done by different painters who use different brushes and colors which apply various kinds of strokes. Your dog’s painting will be as unique as it can be with all its radiant strokes of fur and vivid array of colors. A photograph, however, can be replicated simply by copy-pasting it anywhere.

Paintings Have Great Sentimental Value 

Because you can’t replicate it, the sentimental value of your dog’s image increases tenfold. Of course, the painting will cost a certain amount of money. Therefore, you’ll feel the need to take care of it properly. You’ll want to frame it and hang it on the wall. Even after a few years, you’ll keep on cleaning and polishing it, making it a deeply sentimental possession that can last for decades.

Paintings Draw People In.

Have you ever went to a hotel or a friend’s home and saw an alluring framed painting hung on the wall? Did you stare at it? Did you observe its intricate colors and details?

Paintings captivate people. Photographs can look pretty and colorful, but paintings cause your eyes to stick to them for a while longer. Don’t your adorable little (or large) dogs deserve to be stared at?

A Painting Is An Emotional Expression.

One guarantee that a painting can bring to an image of your dog is a particular artistic emotion of another level. Painters are artists, and as the definition says, art is an expression. Artists, more than just copying what they see, apply a certain degree of emotional energy that only comes from them. Compared to photographs, the expression of the photographer will only be as deep as the original image that he took, and the kind of digital editing that he will do. It’s not much.

Places like Colour Pet Studio can provide paintings of animal portraits which bring your pet to life in such a colourful way. Paintings of your pet give a raw emotional response which is great when you want to bring life to your home.

Paintings Are Just Deeper In Essence 

Finally, dog paintings will provide a deeper sensory experience compared to a photograph. Have you ever heard of people debating and conversing about a photograph for years? Have you heard of a photograph from an art exhibit that people not only stare at for minutes but also attempt to have just one slight touch? No, right? A painting can really give the image of your dog a more powerful substance, and that’s what your best friend deserves.

Are you ready to get a pet portrait done?

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