DIY Snacks For Kids

Rachel Talbott shares some lovely homemade snacks for kids including fruit and veggie pods, homemade fruit roll, goldfish crackers and fridge fruit snacks. Why buy processed snacks that you just can’t be sure are healthy and are expensive too, when you can make your own snacks at home for your children for a fraction of the cost.

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  1. Wow that a great and healthy for kids i will be saving this post thanks

  2. Wow yummy and healthy i will definetly go for it

  3. Well this can be handy for a mom that’s running out of ideas so quickly and a boy that’s going to look for snacks the whole time as he started eating and exploring all kinds of goodies to eat I’m sorted for a few ideas and snacks.

  4. Just shared this on facebook as my sister in law is out of ideas i said she must register will always find advice and ideas but she will go look at these snack ideas for her 3 and a half year old girl.

  5. Elize Swanepoel

    This is such a great video with excellent ideas!

    I’m sharing this for sure.

    I am always on the hunt for easy and healthy snacks to make for JD and this is right up my ally because he loves fruit and you can basically use the fruit that you have at your disposal.

    I really love the fruit rollups, but the time that it takes in the oven is just too long and not ideal for when you’re trying to save on electricity.

    1. The snack pods are great to keep in your fridge and for snack boxes.
    2. The cheezy dough snacks are super easy to make and I will for sure give this one a try and what a great idea to make shapes out of old cans. JD will love this because I love those small round cookies that you buy everywhere.
    3. I’ve used cookie cutters to make different shapes out of potato slices and then fry in oil. I’ve never thought of using cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of peanut butter and syrup or jam sandwiches. Great idea!
    4. I loved the fruit / jelly snacks that you make with adding the lemon juice, gelatien and honey. Healthy and so easy to make.

    Thanks for sharing this video Lynne.

    When JD is starting his new school I can use some of these snacks in his lunch box.

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