March 2017 baby Competition Winner

March 2017 Baby Competition Winner

This March 2017 Baby Competition has been the biggest baby photo competition so far with over 800 entries coming in, making it the toughest competition we have run!

Please note that our latest competition, the April 2017 Baby Photo Competition is open for entries and is being run in a completely new way, with members uploading their own photos… because I could not possibly be able to cope with uploading over 800 entries in one month again!

There are also loads more features such as more voting options and social sharing!

But back to the March 2017 Baby Competition, like I said this has been the toughest competition ever and there can only be one winner….

So congratulations to our Winner!

Ruben Booysen

Ruben Booysen Winner March 2017 Baby Competition

We will be in contact with Ruben’s mommy very soon to arrange the R1000 cash prize!

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  1. congratulations to Ruben and his mommy that entered him into the competition.

  2. Congratulations Ruben & mommy

  3. May I enter my 2 nieces and my son on behalf of the moms?

    • Hey @nics82 I missed your comment there… only parents or legal guardians to enter children please. I’ve had a nightmare situation before with a granny entering a child and the mother getting upset… actually more than upset, absolutely livid!

  4. Wow these children are all gorgeous must be extremley hard to select

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