Fan of the month winner September 2017

Fan Of The Month September 2017

I am sorry to announce the Fan Of The Month winner so late again, it has been such a busy time with all my websites that it is getting hard to keep up!

Congrats to our winner of the Fan Of The Month competition for September 2017….

Tamara (member @tamara737)

Thank you for being such an awesome and active fan! We will be in contact via email to arrange your $50 prize.


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  1. Eeeeek!!! Thank you SO much Kaboutje!! This will be going towards getting my phone repaired ? those little expenses that catch you off guard. Thank you so much! And thanks for the awesome website xx

    • Sorry to hear about your phone! I want to buy a new phone, mine is awful. I guess buying a bottom of the range phone is not the way to go.

      I am so happy that this money could help you out, thank you for being such a great fan! It is always a pleasure to see you on the site 🙂

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