Fan Of The Month Competition March 2017

Fan Of The Month Competition March 2017 – WIN $50

I hope February was an amazing month for everyone! From my side this month has to be the most exciting yet ever for Kaboutjie and I want to share a bit about what is happening.

Did you notice that my website looks different? Well big changes have been going on recently and they will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

It is so exciting and everything is fresh and fun, so please let me know what you think of the new look.

So here’s what is happening.

The first thing is that there is now a Kaboutjie community, so you can create a profile. You can connect with other members, like blog posts and invite people to Kaboutjie using your own unique affiliate link which you will find in your profile.

Everything you do on the website will earn you points, so get involved and see your rankings improving while you are having fun.

Now the Fan Of The Month competition has taken on a completely new life hasn’t it? Previously all you had to do to enter this competition was to comment on any blog post. Now you can join the Kaboutjie community and have loads of fun.

The March Fan Of The Month will be chosen from an active member of the community! This competition will be changing and evolving as the community evolves, so keep an eye out for any new updates!

The March 2017 Fan Of the Month will be announced in a blog post on Tuesday 03 April when the April Fan of the Month competition is announced. And the prize for the March 2017 Fan Of The Month will also be $50.

If you are in South Africa I will just convert the value to ZAR and transfer the amount to your South African bank account. If you are not in South Africa I will pay the $50 into your Paypal account.

So please join the community and add me as a friend to get started!

I have created the first group on Kaboutjie for Breastfeeding and I will be adding plenty more in the coming weeks. If there is a group that you would like to see on Kaboutjie please just update your status telling me the group you would like and tag me. It works just like tagging a friend on any other social network, just use the @ sign and your friends will come up!

Next up for discussion is the Baby Competition. This March 2017 Baby Competition has literally kicked me sideways, with over 800 entries that I have been manually adding. While it is amazing having such a great reaction, it has kept me up until crazy hours at night uploading babies and children onto the website.

For the next baby competition that will open for entries in April just know that I am planning something new and exciting, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

And I have a winner to announce!

So here is the February 2017 Fan Of The Month:

Tershia Engelbrecht

Congrats Tershia, I will be in contact with you soon to arrange your $50 prize money! (R648.56)

I wish everyone a very happy Tuesday and I hope to see you all in the community section soon.


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  1. Congrats to the Winner….you so lucky…

  2. Very happy to be apart of kaboutjie.a very interasting place to be.
    Time to learn something new.:-P

  3. So Glad to be part of this page love what u share lynne…im still busy to figure out what is where and how to do what on the change LOL but guess ill get there awesome new changes congratulations on all new happenings…

    • Yes I am also figuring it out. We are busy with the points system. It was so awesome on Monday, but then that plugin was conflicting with the baby competition we have been working on 🙁

      So back to the drawing board! It will be coming in soon 🙂

  4. Sound like u have alot of exciting things happening and we are just as excited to fiddle around….

  5. I can imagine its alot of setting up to begin and get all sorted and 100% good luck with that Lynne….l

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