Fan Of The Month Competition

Fan Of The Month Competition February 2017 – WIN $50!

January has without a doubt been a fantastic month. I don’t know about you but I love being able to send my kids back to school and get things back to normal again.

Yes Christmas is fun and it is lovely having my kids home and having family visit, but it is also such a strain. Only now do I feel like I am getting a grip on my work and back into routine again.

For me personally the start to this year has been awesome, business is booming, my blogs are pumping and I have also decided to take another stab at this little problem of being overweight.

However I am coming at it from a slightly new angle and I will be sharing more about it soon, but just to give you a sneak preview… it involves listening to weight loss hypnotherapy recordings, eating a slimming nut and having no more zero days.

A zero day means I have done nothing, having a no zero day means I have done something no matter how small it is. This relates to exercise, eating and other things too.

The combination of the hypnosis for weight loss and the concept of no more zero days has left me feeling so much more positive towards weight loss. So watch this space during the month of February because I am going to start sharing my progress soon.

I was going to start sharing in January but you know what? I blinked and January was just gone!

Another awesome thing that has happened recently is that I have uploaded the baby competition photos to my website instead of to Facebook for the March 2017 Baby Competition!

I just figured out something on my own without having to pay a web developer. These things can sometimes take me some time because when it comes to technical stuff I really am just a little on the slow side.

Anyway that is just a brief overview of what has gone on during January and now it is time to announce the January winner!

Congratulations to the winner of the January 2017 Fan Of The Month:

Tamara Jones

Tamara has won $50, which as at right now is the equivalent of R667.74. I will be in contact with you soon Tamara to arrange your prize.

Fan of the month February 2017

So I bet you want to know how you too can win $50? Entering is oh so simple. This competition is a thank you to my fans for supporting me and making it possible to be a blogger.

So all you have to do is comment on any blog post on my website. Obviously the more you comment and the more engaging and insightful your comments are the better your chances of winning.

Previous winners have also asked if it is possible for them to win this competition again, and the answer is yes! If you continue to be a supportive fan then there is absolutely no reason why you won’t win again some time in the future!

If win and you are not in South Africa I will send $50 to your Paypal account. If you are in South Africa I will just convert the prize money to ZAR and transfer the amount into your South African bank account.

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  1. Aaaah, SO awesome!!!! Thank you Kaboutjie 🙂 🙂

  2. Fan Of The Month Competotion

  3. Sjaneen Pretorius

    This is awesome. Love reading your blogs- so not opposed to sharing a high five in a comment!

  4. I’m about to enter my daughter, I hope she wins

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  6. Loving your tips and con petitions. Thanks kaboutjie you rock

  7. I like the competitions its a boost to read and like all these amazing thinga you share Lynne thanks

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  9. This indeed help fulling empty gaps love your page and posts

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  12. Competition….you post great stuff Lynne….

  13. Congratulations to previous winners….

  14. you are so awesome i love everysingle thing u do all the competions is so much fun ……

  15. What a great competition. Good luck to everyone involved and I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines day???

  16. Wowner I’m looking through the categories. Everything is so relevant being a first time mom and all. What a lovely website ??

  17. Enjoy competition….winner of the month follow all your posts and love reading the info and see what other mommies reply on posts…all you posts are helpfull in some way even if i can copy and safe for later stage of my boys life…

  18. Yah guys I rly wnt to enter my bby boy in the competition how do I enter

  19. Love listening to ur tips,love bby competition s

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  21. Love the blogs this page and all the competitions Lynne u share alot of nice things…thank you

  22. Hello there….im a new liitle girl is 3 weeks also new to the site.ill will mabey have a question or two in the future.

  23. I have to say I look forward to every days topic being it about massages, types of feeding you name it I love it. Thanks for giving us a group which is so helpful too. Always something to look forward to. P.s. after reading about the massages I asked my hubby for one he he. Too relaxing.

  24. I enjoy the kaboutjie site. I like the different topics and different people’s views of different products and ways of doing things. Keep it up… eagerly waiting for the next installment.

  25. Huggies gold is the best – im using one for girls works great, wil recommend it to anyone.

  26. I love ur page i am new but really like the page thank you

  27. Looking forward to win one 🙂 Great offer Kaboutjie

  28. Awesome article’s Kaboutjie☺very informative.

  29. Wow! I’ve just gotten back to browsing the Kaboutjie website, last time I did was when my daughter (now 4) was just a few months old and I was chosen as fan on the week and won an Amber teething necklace ?
    I now have a son and he’s 4 months old
    I look forward to reading through posts, I sometimes feel like a first time mom because of the big age gap

    Amazing competition, I hope I win!!

    • Congrats on your new baby 🙂 That is amazing! It is wonderful to have you back. I hope that amber teething necklace is now being used for your son, it will not be long until he starts teething if he hasn’t already started. Unfortunately our Fan Of The Month competition is currently not running as we are making way for more exciting things like being paid to write… I’m sure that this will be a raging success and loads of fun for everyone!

  30. Ok, new on the blog!! Registered a long time ago and with giving birth and being a new mom i just totally forgot!! But glad i found the blog again!! Super excited to start to read all the amazing articles!
    Its great to have someone express feelings that most of us feel and go through everyday. Most of us are to scared to say how we feel or sometimes that our kids drive us up the walls!! So thanks, thanks for being honest and saying it as it is!!
    Makes me not feel alone about things i feel im going through alone!
    Looking forward to catching up on all the latest blogs and the future blogs!!

  31. I’ve also registered a while ago, but with a small toddler, a busy work life and a very bad 2017, I couldn’t engage as much as I wanted to on the website or Facebook. But I promise that will change this year. 🙂 I do enjoy reading your blog posts and it’s always a welcome surprise to be rewarded when one is very active on a page or blog. Happy 2018 to you and the other Members. May this year be a much better than last year and I look forward to reading all about your weight loss journey.

  32. Hi would love to win this I’m new and having fun with this blog and the fantastic thing is meeting mums from across the continent and earning as we share our views and ideas great job on this

  33. Really a great website! Read so much useful information and received great tips in the few days i am a member now. Looking foward in walking a long road with Kaboutjie.

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