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Coloring In App For Kids – Coloring Toons is Coming Soon

Get ready mommies, next week a new coloring in app for kids called Coloring Toons is coming out. From what I’ve seen so far about this kids coloring in app really sets it apart from other coloring apps I have come across previously. .

So here’s how it works. There are cartoon characters to color in and once your child has chosen a character and completed coloring it in, the character comes alive, making this Coloring Toons app so much more fun and interactive than the standard coloring in apps.

While the character is in the process of being colored in there is a status bar showing how far you have to go until it is finished and the goal of getting the character alive is achieved. This makes it easier for a child to stay focused on completing the task at hand.

Coloring In apps for kids iphone

My five year old daughter is a budding artist, drawing and coloring in are right at the top of her list of things to do, along with sneaking my phone away and getting a chance to play on my ipad of course. Does this sound familiar?

She really loves imaginative play as well as being rewarded for her efforts when she has completed something. She will love the progress bar showing how far she has to go until her character will come alive. I can see that this will really assist her with completing tasks and not leaving them unfinished.

I can see this app being right up her street and also something I would happily let her use my ipad for.

I have to admit that I am a bit funny about my kids using my ipad and phone for games simply because so many of them just seem like pointless screen time to me. I am however a fan of educational apps for kids, as well as apps that promote creativity and imaginary play.

An update that Godo Games, the developers of the app, have planned for the future is to get together with a team of college professors to include some insights and information about your child’s character based on the colors that they pick out.

Parents can track their child’s progress and find out new things about them from the statistics of their most chosen colors. I will be very interested in the feedback it gives me about my kids.

There are a number of characters for free and more characters as well as additional color palettes will be available to purchase.

And as with any good mobile app, you can share results with friends and family on social media.

Kids Coloring App

The game is being released first for iPhones and iPads in iOS App Store and at a later date they will roll out with a version for Android.

The Coloring Toons App is set to be released to iPhones and iPads on January 18th, 2017.

About Godo Games

Godo Games is a startup based in Portland, OR. Launched with an idea to create interactive content and provide entertainment safe for all family! We have connected visionaries, developers and other people with one vision to create quality entertainment and we hope it resonates with the world around us.

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Godo Games Coloring Toon

Godo Games, LLC
phone: (503) 303-3332
Address: 5933 NE Win Sivers Drive, Suite 205, Portland, OR 97220

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  1. YES YES YES!!!!!! She will LOVE this!

  2. This is so cool!!!

  3. Great news, the app has launched and is out in the app store already!
    Lynn will write more on this app in a bit to cover it’s features and benefits!
    Check it out here:

  4. Awesome Yar!!!
    Good job!

  5. I as a mother am obsessed with coloring but dont have time of day to do it. This app looks friendly and fun and keep the kids busy.
    However I will still pick up my book and colors and have a time out maybe once a month

  6. Does anyone know if this app is available on android. Have anyone tried it out and is it as cool and fun as what we imagine it to be because i would love to enjoy the coloring app as i love coloring and later on my boy can enjoy it.

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