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Why Coding Is Important For Kids: 8 Reasons All Parents Should Know

As the world progresses into a digitalized era, more and more technological advancements are taking over. These advancements get controlled and managed through the means of coding languages. For that reason, it is essential to learn more about it.

In the past, the skill and knowledge of coding could get accomplished only by highly technical individuals. However, as the years have progressed, it has become a competency skill that anyone, even a child, can learn. Overall, several reasons exist that prove why coding is necessary for kids. Let us discuss eight of them in this article.

Why Coding Is Important For Kids: 8 Reasons All Parents Should Know

Logical and Rational Thinking

Coding brings the know-how and knowledge behind how the various things related to technological appliances or items work. In other words, it requires logical reasoning and complicated calculations. That is why coding has to involve the aspect and element of rational thinking. On top of that, it consists of the need for sequencing, linear judgment, and critical assessments.

Thus, whenever a child learns to code, they gain the skills and ability to think and solve problems rationally and logically. It can get owed to the subject teaching them how to do so using their intuition, imagination, and visualization. In addition to that, it allows them to break down complicated problems systematically and methodically and resolve them using structured instructions.


The knowledge and concept of coding help a child understand how everyday appliances and gadgets work and operate. In the long run, it allows them to gain confidence and sense that they are well-equipped when they head out into the world and their workspace. In addition to that, it permits them to solve most technological errors and breakdowns they may face.

The mere fundamentals of coding can empower kids to utilize technology and digital media. Also, it gives them the confidence to create something new that can aid the world.


Coding requires technical knowledge and creativity. It compels the kids to explore the various aspects of the development process and experience numerous trials and errors. The out-of-the-box thinking manner that they develop in this method allows them to think differently about all elements of life. Overall, the creativity they acquire while developing a game, app, or website can help them “code their life.”

Coding at school


Developing and perfecting a code requires immense effort and hard work. It requires an individual to keep at it and not give up mid-way until they remove all errors. Thus, it teaches the art and skill of persistence. It can prove highly beneficial for kids because they tend to give up fast. On top of that, it can allow the children to learn from their mistakes and deal with their frustration when they cannot solve a problem.

Communication Skills

Coding involves a new language, and the codes are no less than a tale. It has a fixed beginning, a progressive mid part, and a conclusive finish. Hence, coding is another means of writing a story. It has proven to advance oral and written communication skills.

Mathematical Skills and Aptitude

Coding remains closely related to aptitude and mathematical skills. It is a part of STEM programs that involve all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. For that reason, coding allows a kid to visualize and solve abstract concepts. In addition to that, it makes them capable of applying their bookish knowledge to real-life problems and situations and gaining valuable hands-on experience. Furthermore, it can revitalize a child’s interest in all the mentioned subjects.

Hard and Soft Skills

Coding serves as a constructive way to keep a child engaged and busy while developing their abilities. It helps develop both soft and hard skills. For instance, it focuses on problem-solving, time management, reasoning, decision-making, etc. It is so for the first case.

Career Opportunities

In recent years, coding has become an integral and inseparable part of life. It implies that most job openings and opportunities would have a fundamental knowledge of the subject or topic as the criteria. It stands to be the case for work related to technology and even those not associated with it. Overall, a parent must understand the aspects concerning coding for kids free, and varied job opportunities become available in such cases.

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  1. I heard coding is going to be in high demand in the near future. Children start as early as 6years old and I think it’s a great idea.

    • I’m sure it is going to just grow in importance as time goes on! Everything is online now and there are always new things coming out 🙂

  2. This amazing and so important, I just can imagine how convenient it is for generations and always learn new stuff

  3. With the world today and how technology is evolving I think this is great for us as parents as well to learn with our children. Thank you for sharing Lynne. ?

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