Behind The Scenes 10 December 2021 – Yay It’s Christmas Holidays!

I don’t know about you but I am so happy that the Christmas holidays 2021 have begun. It has been such a stressful run up to the end of this year, more stressful and busy than any other year to date. I am feeling so burnt out and exhausted so I’ve been looking forward eagerly to break up day so that I can focus on resting. Turning off my alarms (one for wake up, one for a reminder to leave to fetch the kids and another for the early school day on Fridays) was such a pleasure. No more rushing around after kids, making lunches or worrying about events!

Christmas Holidays 2021- Gift Ideas For Christmas

It was amazing having Ally from 4AKid join us live this morning to talk about ideas for Christmas gifts. Things have been so busy that I have not had much of a chance to even think about buying Christmas gifts yet. I’m sure loads of you feel the same way!

It was such a great experience having Ally live with us because I have been collaborating with Ally for years and we have spoken on the phone a good number of times. However this is the first “face to face” conversation we have ever had. It is always great to really connect “in person”, yes online but more in person than ever before.

4aKid stocks an incredible range of baby, toddler and kids products with an emphasis on baby and child safety.

Hasbro Gifts

Talking about Christmas gifts, we were gifted Monopoly Bid and a Power Ranger figure from Hasbro. I’m saving them for Christmas gifts for my kids, so while I haven’t bought anything for Christmas yet I already have something in store for my kids.

Check out this list of great gifts from Hasbro for some inspiration.

Prize Giving Celebrations

I am so proud of my kids, it was a really tough year on all of us but they have excelled and made it through to the next grade with flying colours. I was also so happy that we could attend prize giving in person. Last year the prize giving events were online due to covid, which was amazing in a way since we could still have the prize giving but sitting alone at my desk at home watching online was not the same.

I loved being there and seeing them looking for me in the crowd so I could wave at them while they got their awards. It made me so sad last year that they were looking at an empty hall.

Both my kids got academic achievement certificates this year.

Loving Earning Through Ysense

I’ve been putting my all into earning through Ysense the last few weeks and it has been so much fun trying to see how much I can earn. I’ve learned some more tricks and tips for earning through Ysense over the last few weeks and my income is increasing beautifully.

Ysense is an online platform for earning through surveys, offers, games and more. I have been a member since 2015 and while I don’t earn buckets of cash from it I do earn every single day and it adds up nicely over time. I had my biggest earning day to date this week making $5.16 on Thursday.

On Wednesday I made $1.94 and while it is not much to get excited about I was on the road the whole day and did not log into Ysense at all. I made this only from commission from people I have referred to Ysense. Now that is something to get excited about, residual income for not doing a thing.

I’ve now got 95 active referrals (referrals that have been active in the last 30 days) and soon for the first time I will have 100 active referrals. While I reach 100 active referrals my commission goes from 20% to 25% so this is going to be something to celebrate! When I reach 200 active referrals my income will increase to the maximum which is 30%

Fun With Zimpli Kids Products

We have been having so much fun with the Zimpli Kids bath products we were gifted recently. Today my daughter had a playdate with one of her friends and they used the pink glitter goo. Load of laughter, squeals and giggles came out of the bathroom for over an hour while they played. I will be writing a review on my blog soon but in the meantime check out my Instagram story highlight for Zimpli Kids.

Beating A Migraine Naturally

On Tuesday night I started getting a headache as I went to bed and it just got worse and worse. I got up and took some paracetamol but it did no good and my headache progressed to a migraine. I felt rotten and nauseas. Then I remembered about the African Secret pain relief essential oils I was gifted early in this year and had completely forgotten about.

I got up and massaged my face and neck with it for only ten minutes and got incredible relief. I went back to bed and fell asleep quickly. I shared about it on Instagram and Facebook the next day. To my delight African Secret contacted me right away to say they would be sending me some more products, along with a discount code for you all plus I will be doing a giveaway soon. I absolutely love their range and wrote a review on it earlier this year.

So grab your African Secret products at 25% off until 30 December 2021 using the coupon code Kaboutjie25.

Meeting Up With Lauren From Inspiring Mompreneurs

What an amazing meet up on Wednesday with Lauren Kinghorn from Inspiring Mompreneurs. I’ve known Lauren since 2015, so how did I not I not know she is a qualified aromatherapist, reflexologist, shiatsu practitioner and a bunch of other incredible modalities?

In April she said she was going to give me a massage for my birthday and well then 2021…. fast forward to this week and when I told her about all my struggles with my back and sciatica and I mentioned I had to make a trip into Cape Town she insisted I swing by her house for my promised massage (which I had long forgotten about).

I had assumed that the massage was going to be her sending me off to see someone but no, it was an hour and a half treatment that she did personally.

What a treat and a surprise! And wow, what a difference it made to my week, especially with all the sitting at prize givings and the driving I had to do this week. Thank you Lauren, you are a woman that never fails to amaze me.

Photography Session With Freddy van Rensburg

I took a trip into Cape Town on Wednesday to have a photography shoot with Freddy van Rensburg. Freddy is a fellow addict in recovery, counselor, author and podcaster. He had me as a guest on his podcast Meet Me In The Field in 2018 which was a wonderful experience. Since then I’ve also had Freddy join me live on a number of occasions.

Freddy’s next mission is another book and this time it is going to feature people he has interviewed in his podcast, hence the photography shoot. It was amazing seeing Freddy and meeting the photographer Fiona McCosh. Freddy is definitely on my list of favourite people.

Recovering From Sciatica With Body Stress Release

I’ve struggled with sciatica since I fell pregnant with my first baby and when I was pregnant with my second baby I started seeing Norah from Body Stress Release in the West Coast. She is without a doubt a miracle worker and I do not use the word miracle lightly. I started seeing her when I was struggling with pelvic pain, back pain and sciatica during the seventh month of my pregnancy and after seeing her once I had no further issues during that pregnancy.

I’ve been seeing her on and off every since 2013 and I made the mistake of ignoring my sciatica flare up due to being so busy with end of year business. It is not a mistake I will make again. I should have gone to see her immediately but I put it off and I put my back out a few weeks ago. It has been a terribly hard time and the worst flare up of sciatica I have ever had. I have hardly been able to do a thing for two weeks.

I’ve now had two sessions with Norah and I am on the mend. If you are in the West Coast and need some help with back, neck or body pain of any kind I highly recommend you head on over for a session.

Lunch At Charlie’s Brewhouse

On Thursday after my Body Stress Release session my kids and I went to eat at Charlie’s Brewhouse. It is another restaurant in the West Coast I’ve been itching to try out since so many people have highly recommended it.

It did not disappo0int with super delish chocolate milkshakes for my kids, a kids burger that was easily big enough for an adult, divine pizza and a mushroom pasta that was humongous – loads of left overs me. The chef, Lovemore, knows how to make a meal that’s for sure and what a lovely, friendly person.

I will writing a review on Charlie’s Brewhouse as soon as I can, but I warn you with all that’s been going on and my back slowing me down I’m just not sure when it will be. It will be as soon as I can get to it.

As you can see this last week was a crazy busy one with prize giving for my son on Monday and prize giving for my daughter on Tuesday. Break up day and a trip into Cape Town on Wednesday for a photography shoot with Freddy van Rensburg, a massage and visit with Lauren from Inspiring Mompreneurs and a visit with Judy from Fun Mamma SA.

Thursday I had a quieter day with a Body Stress Release session with Norah from Body Stress Release in Port Own and a lunch out with my kids and mother in law at Charlie’s Brewhouse. Today I had my live video and then my daughter had a friend over for the afternoon. No wonder I’m feeling done in!

Now I’m looking forward to a very quiet weekend and loads of rest and sleep! I wish you all a very happy weekend and a fantastic start to the festive season.

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