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Choosing The Best Type Of Dance For Beginners

Children tend to be full; of energy and often struggle with direction. While it’s true that some kids discover their passion young in life, many don’t. This leads to parents needing and wanting to find the activities that will be beneficial and create potential opportunities for them in the future. 

Enrolling in reputable pre-school dance lessons is actually a great thing for all kids to try, it’s a useful skill whether male or female. But, what type of dance is best for your child?

Choosing The Best Type Of Dance For Beginners


The classic image of ballet being for girls has slowly disappeared although there are still pockets of resistance. However, if you can move past this you’ll find that ballet is a great introduction to dance.

It is actually the base for many different types of dancing. Perhaps more importantly, ballet dancing requires fine motor skills, exceptional balance, and a surprising amount of muscle. The good thing is that your child can learn these.

 They don’t need to be great at ballet to benefit from it. Boys and girls will tone muscles and improve their overall fitness as they learn to move and coordinate their bodies. It can be very challenging and very rewarding.

Should your child not want to pursue ballet it will have helped them to understand the bases of dance and they will learn a variety of other dance moves surprisingly easily. Many professional pop backing dancers started out in ballet.

Beginners Classes To Find Passion

If your child is particularly resistant to ballet or doesn’t enjoy it after a few lessons then you’ll find there are plenty of beginner dance classes. These include modern dance, tap dancing, hip-hop, and even break-dancing. 

Enroll your child in the beginner class, the first session is usually free. This will give them a taste of the dance style and may be enough to convince them they’ll enjoy it. When they find a style they like you can sign them up and watch them improve. 

The key thing when starting your child in dance is that they have an interest in the type of dance they are undertaking.

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Research The Class

Don’t forget that teaching styles can vary dramatically from class to class. Consider what style your child will be most comfortable with and find a dance class teacher who uses this style.

You’ll find talking to friends and looking on social media is a great way to find out about all the local dance schools, the style of teaching, the reputation of the school, and whether your child will enjoy it.

Again, it’s essential that your child likes the dance class, if they don’t they will resist going and that will destroy any ambition they have to dance.

You should also note that children who are wary about dancing, especially boys, will normally consider gymnastics. This is just as physically challenging and rewarding and a viable alternative for any child. You may even wish to join in! 

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