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6 Tips For Choosing Comfortable Girls Shoes

A lot of footwear in the market isn’t as comfortable as it should be, and as a result, you’ll need to take some precautions. But shopping for girls’ shoes can be a trying task since kids don’t have the patience to wait around and get the desired footwear.

If possible, when shopping for girls’ shoes, look for a store specializing in kids’ footwear as you’ll be spoilt for choice, and the staff will have tips on how to shop for a fussy child. Depending on the occasion, avoid overspending on children’s shoes as they tend to outgrow them fast.

In addition, kids’ shoes may look sparkly are pretty, but they may not be as comfortable as you’d want. Thus, shop with comfort over looks if you want them to last long. Well, if it’s time for a trip to the shoe store, you may want to go with the following tips in mind that’ll ensure your daughter enjoys comfort.

6 Tips For Choosing Comfortable Girls Shoes

  1. Get Shoes Made From Breathable Materials

Kids’ feet tend to sweat a lot due to the activeness they engage in at a young age, and they’ll need sufficient airflow. Shoes with breathable materials allow air from outside to enter and cool the feet and hot air to escape and prevent sweat.

As a result, get a shoe made of leather, canvas, or mesh that lets in airflow to prevent sweat and build-up that leads to bacterial or fungal growth and is perfect for warm weather. Another great way of ensuring comfort is by feeling the insides of the insole and extra cushioning for the inner sole.

  1. Comfort Lies With The Right Fit

Getting the right fit for girls’ shoes should be the priority when shopping for comfort. To begin, shop in the afternoon when the feet have expanded due to more walking activities, which helps in finding the perfect shoes and avoids taking a size too small, which may affect different things like posture.

A shoe that fits well should have the proper support and comfort, making it easier to complete different activities in your child’s life. As a result, your girls shoes should have adequate space to move freely without the heels slipping out.

Measuring your daughter’s feet is the first step to getting the right fit. Thankfully, most stores will have a staff who is conversant with the whole process and can help you out. When measuring your daughter’s legs, ensure that they are standing for accurate results.

If you find differing measurements between both feet, opt for the larger two and settle on that size. However, this doesn’t mean going for one size that’s bigger than the perfect fit, as it lowers the comfort level and puts your child at risk of tripping.

In addition, the heel should rest snugly and not tightly to avoid causing bruising around the child’s heels. The arch type of the feet also plays a significant role and may affect the comfort level in a shoe.

Be sure to know how your child’s feet arch by looking at their footprint. If it is highly visible, they have a low arch, and if most parts of the footprint aren’t visible, they have a high arch.

When getting shoes for a child with a high arch, go for shoes with cushioned arched support and a flat shoe for a low one. In addition, look for shoes with false fronts that’ll leave enough space for your child’s toes.

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  1. Check The Feature Designs

Different feature designs go into shoemaking, and some may be overlooked for the sake of style, which may end up being very uncomfortable for the child. One great feature in shoes is the ankle collar that supports the ankle making it comfortable for your child.

Also, ensure that the shoe has an Achilles notch to prevent blisters that form on the heel due to the constant friction of the skin and the shoe. In addition, the midsole should fit perfectly to absorb shock, and the toe box should be wide enough to accommodate toes and prevent bunions that come from an ill-fitting shoe.

  1. Pay Attention To The Sole

Having the right sole for a kid’s shoe is key to ensuring comfort. Heels aren’t advisable for girls’ shoes, depending on their age. If your girls are toddlers, their soles should be flat, which aids in walking, instead of young girls who can have a small heel on their shoes that doesn’t cause their feet to slide to the front.

The sole needs to be flexible to bend with the feet but sturdy enough to protect the feet from pain and injury. In addition, it should be patterned or textured to prevent slipping by providing traction.

  1. Buy Shoes With A Fastening System

Kids’ shoes with a fastening system are the perfect way to ensure their comfort and safety by preventing slip-ups. And because kids outgrow shoes at a fast pace, getting a shoe with fasteners will come in handy when adjusting and readjusting the fit.

Some great choices are shoes with Velcro or laces and nothing that’s backless or slip-on.

  1. Go For Flexible And Lightweight Shoes

Children are constantly developing, and a good pair of shoes will contribute to this process. Flexible shoes should have soles made from soft materials, which will allow space for growth without being too constricting.

You can test out the flexibility by bending the shoe, and if it does so entirely, it’s right. Fabric materials also allow for flexibility and should be considered. In addition, remember to get lightweight shoes that won’t weigh your child down.

Lightweight shoes will be the perfect transitioning tool as they tend to be easy to clean, is durable, and fast to dry. It also keeps your kid’s feet aired during those long walks that end up in a sweaty mess.

Bottom Line

Always pay close attention to your kid’s shoes and ensure they are still fit as kids may not complain. Check the seams and the stressed parts of their footwear when assessing the damage. For instance, if they are bulging out when the child wears them, their width is smaller.

If the shoe lacks enough cushioning, you can add an insert for extra comfort. Heel pads and sole grips will also come in handy if the shoe expands at the heels later on. Remember also to utilize the product description that may have additional information about the shoe.

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