starting solids at 6 months
Starting Solids at 6 months

Starting Solids: 6 months vs 4 months (or even younger)

Starting solids was quite a big deal with my first baby and I waited not so patiently and with great excitement for the day I could feed my baby girl. At one of our checkups with the pediatrician she told us to start solids at 17 weeks and gave us some instructions on how to start. I just followed what she told us and never knew there was any other way. We gave her rice cereal at 4 months old.

Now that my 2nd child has arrived I know that there is so much contradicting information. One thing I do know after all my googling and researching is that to start before 17 weeks (4 months) is dangerous. However there is a huge debate amongst moms: starting at 6 months vs 4 months. The World Health Organization states that babies should start solids from 6 months of age.

With my son we decided to wait until 6 months old before we started solids, however he had other plans! From about 4 months old he started screaming whenever any of us ate anything and then when we were out to breakfast one morning I felt something on my hand and when I looked down I found he had managed to steal an egg off my plate and had eaten half of it before I even realised what he was doing. Then I started thinking about the debate about egg and when it is safe for baby! Some people say only after 1 year and others say that is from when the chicken pox vaccine was made from egg and it affected the babies but it is fine for them to eat egg when they start.

Then I have heard people saying the longer you wait to start solids the more susceptible they are to allergies and other people saying the earlier they start the more chance they have of being allergic. There is just so much contradicting information on the topic of starting solids. For example our pediatrician told us to start our daughter with rice cereal and now I have read that it is one of the worst foods to start with. How can this be when a doctor has advised this? Some website give rice cereal as the best food and others the worst.

My son’s 2nd introduction into solids came about when I was cooking supper and he was in the high chair in the kitchen playing with his toys. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my daughter next to my son and I turned around and saw she had Smarties in her hand. I asked her if she had fed him a Smartie and she denied it very enthusiastically. Then my son started laughing and blue drool came running down his chin, then my daughter started laughing. Ok not good, but they both had fun.

When he was 5 1/2 months old his screaming at the supper table became too much to bear every evening so hubby and I decided it was time to start solids. I cooked him some lovely home-made veggie purees and he loved it. After 1 week of enjoying his home-made puree he started screaming every night at supper time again. I was confused for a very short time until I saw he was looking at my hubby’s plate and was very obviously not impressed with being given something else. We went over immediately to baby-led weaning which is where baby eats exactly what we eat. I was quite astonished to see that at 6 months old my boy could pack back the same food my 3 year old daughter was eating.

What have you heard about the age to start solids? What age did you start your child?

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  1. Stephanie Knapp

    Very interesting!! I think baby-led weaning is great!

  2. Mandy Lamprecht

    Haha that’s so cute. My husband kept feeding our boy chocolate when I was’nt looking. He still denied it even after I saw the chocolate drool on his there was even a time when there was red drool (from a jelly baby) we officially started giving rice porridge at about 5 months (I was bullied by mom in law):)

    • Yes just found out our nearly 1 year old has been given coke by hubby too! I gave him a sip of my coke a few days ago thinking it was his first sip and my boy loved it. When I told hubby he said yes, he knows he loves coke…. he has been giving him some for a while now lol. Naughty naughty.

  3. I started feeding my son at around 5 months but he played with the food more. By 7 months he was feeding himself mostly. His hand eye coordination is great. He now eats like a horse. Has his days where he eats more than me. I do however try to limit his sugar and carb intake

    • Hi Vanessa

      Yes my son was also eating loads as a baby and now that he is 2 1/2 he eats loads some days and other days close to nothing. Right now all he wants is jam sandwiches breakfast, lunch and supper! I know this is just phase as my daughter went through it too. She is now nearly 5 years old and she eats very well. She eats her veggies and mostly whatever I put in front of her.

  4. My first son we started on 15weeks with solids! And today he is 4 and a half and eats everything!!! The second one we started on 12 weeks already. On 14 weeks he was sitting by himself already and he ate sweet patato this morning and loved it!!!

  5. Love the smartie 1st son now 12…was 4,4 kg at birth..didnt breadtfeed..( dont know why..was only 21..I tried but will have him on ine boob for like 40 min and then he was still hungry..but any way..he wad a big I started rice cereal on 3 months..he weighted then 8,5 2nd daugthet I breastfeeded for 9 months with NO Solids..yes thats right and she was a chubby little one…she’s now 10..and the 3rd one now 5 months( asked my husband how did I got pregnant how did it happend) lol I tried to pushed it to 6 months because of the debut..and health stories..but she grabbed my sandwich out of my hand starting to eat at about 4 and a half I gave her solids..:)

  6. Really wanted to start solids at 6months but my baby’s got bad reflux so dr said i must start at 4months with rice cereal.
    Cant wait to see her eat for the first time!!!

  7. We started with solids and wow how cute!!!
    Rice cereal in the mornings and vegetable purity in afternoons and she keeps it in. Not throwing up the food but milk still.
    Hope it will get better soon.

  8. Hi Lynne i say when mommy see baby is ready why not i started my son now on 4 and half months he enjoy it make him healthy steamed veggies and rice cereal in morning and no struggle his not even done swollowing the he open for next…

  9. Mine is 15 weeks and started and he loves it ped also advised to start at 16 weeks he is already double he’s birth weight which is 8 kg he is fine my 3rd boy now

  10. My son started when he was 4months old

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