Mobile Baby Monitor vs Classic Standalone Baby Monitor

Choosing the right baby monitor: Mobile baby monitor vs. classic standalone device

Did you know you that today you can easily transform your mobile into a mobile baby monitor? No? If you’re not sure if this is a good alternative for you and your family, read about the advantages of mobile baby monitors and also about the basic differences between mobile baby monitors and classic standalone device.

What is a mobile baby monitor?

It’s easy. It’s an app that turns your mobile into a baby monitor. You only need two devices – your cell phone and some other device – a computer, tablet or another mobile phone that stays with your sleeping baby.  After you download the app, you pair the devices and you can watch your sleeping little angel wherever you are.

Why buy a mobile baby monitor?

Unlike the classic baby monitors (the standalone devices), you are always sure to have your phone with you. If you are watching TV, your mobile is probably laying on the table in front of you. If you are cooking, you have your mobile in the pocket of your jeans. When you turn your device into a mobile baby monitor, it’s not necessary to also have a classic baby monitor with you anymore. All you need is your phone.

How much does it cost?

If you want to buy a good classic baby monitor, you should have more than a few dollars ready to spare. The best standalone baby monitors can cost about two hundred dollars. Compared to mobile baby monitors today offering almost the same service as the classic devices it’s kind of a steep price, isn’t it?

The price of the cheapest baby monitor is about 3 dollars (sometimes even less). Better mobile monitors are available for a price between 5 – 10 dollars.

What to check before you buy a mobile baby monitor? 5 important questions

Here is the checklist of the functions we recommend you to check before you buy a mobile baby monitor. We hope it will help you find the right one!

  1. For how many devices will you get a license? Will you automatically get the license for every new device?
  2. Is the app multiplatform? Can I use my Android devices as well as my iPhone or Windows phone?
  3. How many children can I watch simultaneously?
  4. How many family members can watch my baby at one moment?
  5. How strong is the connection between devices? Can I or other family members watch the baby even if they’re in a different city/region / country?

Finally, maybe you’re asking yourself which kind of mobile baby monitor we can recommend. After testing some brands, we can recommend Baby Monitor by Annie (developed by Apps by Annie team) offering not only an unlimited license for every new device but also working on multiple platforms. With the app, you can watch four babies simultaneously from an unlimited number of parent devices.  Devices are connected using the cloud, that’s what makes the relay strong and stable.

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  1. I didnt use any monitors…but its still nice to read about it…when im visiting my mom that house is so big i wish i had a monitor for there….hehe

    • I also didn’t use any monitors but it would have been amazing to have a mobile monitor if for example I had someone looking after my baby and I had to go to work. Then I could watch my baby from my cell phone while at work!

      I have always been close to my babies and had them at home for as long as possible, so I haven’t had to monitor my kids from work as such.

      Also we have not had a huge house, so I have not needed a baby monitor. What I used to do when my babies were small was put them in the carry cot in the pram to sleep then I would push them around with me 🙂

  2. Wow!! This is fantastic! Wish I had this when my kids were babies ;o)

  3. I never use any device and not planning to use it in future I don’t really need it

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