Care Bear Gauteng House of Safety

Care Bear Gauteng House of Safety needs help!

Each day that goes by I remember to be grateful for everything that I have and for being able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for my family.

It is heart breaking though to remember that there are so many babies and children that are abused, neglected and abandoned.

Care Bear Gauteng is a house of safety for babies and children from 0 up to the age of 5 years old.

The Safe House Care Facility is situated in Elsburg Germiston. They are a Non-Profit Company with the aim to protect and care for Abandoned and Abused newborn babies and toddlers that are urgently in need of shelter, food, clothing and love until the court decides where the child is placed.

The home was established last year and is run by Zenobia Venter. The home is dependent on donations from the public and from companies.

The home currently accommodates 6 children at a time. Care Bear Gauteng’s main focus is to nurture and protect abandoned children who have been let go by their parents for many different reasons and help them get adopted so that they may have a better life and be able to rightfully flourish in our communities.

Care Bear Gauteng is desperately wanting to be able to look after more than 6 children at a time and for this they are needing a larger premises.

Remember that every little bit counts, so if you would like to contribute to this amazing initiative please contact Zenobia Venter on 078 174 1408 or email

Care Bear Gauteng Contact Details

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  1. Wow, blessed is the owner of carebear. It is so sad that people actually neglect babies! If i think of how long me and my husband prayed for a baby, had opperations and tests and on the next block therea actually a baby that was left of abused! Thank you for this. Im so glad that there is still good people out there!

    • @karla it is horrifying really. I remember going down to Huis Hadassa about 2 years back, which is also a house of safety in my area, so I could drop off some of my kids old clothing and toys. There was a baby of just a few months old there that had been beaten. I was distraught for days after that.
      It is unbelievable what some people are capable of doing.

      There are lots of good people though, I still need to write a post for one of the ladies that does some incredible work in our area with foster kids!

  2. Its sad but amazing that there are places like this….ill recomend this to my friends and family for donations and donate money myself every little bit helo break my heart to see how many babies get dumped sorry to say it like that…

    • Thanks @lisaanderson the more people that share this the better chances they have of reaching their goals. I so hope they manage to get a new premises. They are run completely on donations from the public and companies. It is so sad that there are so many children that need a safe and loving home.

      It makes me remember every day how fortunate we are with our own families.

  3. @lynne this post pop up again do you know of they got new premises to move to…or if they reaches their coals/targets…im still sharing this…

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