5 Reasons why you should wait until 6 months to start your baby on solids

5 Reasons Why You Should Wait Until Your Baby is 6 months Old to Start Solids

There are loads of moms that start their babies on solids from 4 months old or even younger.

Here are some great reasons why you should wait until your baby is 6 months old to start solids:

  1. Baby’s digestive system will be more mature
  2. Baby will have a better immune system
  3. Baby will be more developmentally ready to eat food that is not liquid
  4. Baby will have lower risk of obesity
  5. Baby may have more protection from iron-deficiency anemia

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  1. Both my kids (now 3 yr and 6 yr) started at 4 months! That is what my doctor told us. Had no idea there were any risks starting before 6 months?

  2. Most Doctors now a days recommend 4 months but that is only for rice cereal. Nothing ells. I would follow the advice mentioned above for my next baby.

    • I started 4 months with my 1st child and just before 6 months with my 2nd. There is such a huge difference and so much easier when you start later. My boy started feeding himself after about 2 weeks and refused mush! I would recommend waiting.

  3. I want to wait until 6months with my girl

  4. my little boy started 4 and a half months eating mostly everythinh by now 7 months old and eating so good he showed he was ready for solids medical or accordingly to advice yes you should wait but i say ho for it if baby us ready to eat…fresh steamed veggies can just be healthy

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