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Pregnancy the 2nd time around!

Pregnant Tummy

Pregnancy the 2nd time around is so much easier, it is amazing how different it can be! My first pregnancy was tough, the first trimester was easy except for the tiredness and of course going off my prescription meds for bipolar which was rocky to say the least! The second …

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The Elusive Balance

Finding Balance

I wonder how other moms find this elusive balance and the answer came to me about 2 weeks back when I had a private message on the Kaboutjie facebook page from a mom. She was writing to me personally to ask me how I balance being a mom, working, being …

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Breastfeeding Comes Naturally?

Breastfeeding Comes Naturally

When I was pregnant one of my concerns was breastfeeding and I was wondering whether I would be able to breastfeed? This concern came about because my mom and older sister were unable to breastfeed. My mom said she didn’t have milk even though she tried to breastfeed all  3 …

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