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9 Natural Ways To Improve Postpartum Depression

New Mom with PND

Postpartum depression, also referred to as postnatal depression (PND), is very common with new moms. It’s not surprising really given all the challenges new moms face. Your body has just been through a lot of intense changes, the birth of your baby may have been traumatic, your hormones are fluctuating …

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Writing Therapy and Blogging

Woman writing on bed

Writing is therapeutic, and many people engage in expressive writing as a part of therapy for a variety of issues. This type of writing often speeds recovery, helps with clarity during therapy sessions, and can even inspire others to share their experiences. There are many therapy blogs out there, but …

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What Could Cause Depression in Children?

Child walking with stuffed lion

Signs of depression in children often get ignored because the tendency is to think that the problems of children are not as grave or as significant as that of adults. Needless to say, this underestimation makes little sense to the child because from his/her point of view, their problems are …

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Counseling for Better Health

Heart tree blossoms

We all know that you need to take care of yourself physically to be healthy. But, did you know that proper mental health care is also essential to your physical health? Yes, it is true, a healthy mind is a big help towards a healthy body. You can work out …

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Drug Addiction and the Family

Drug Addiction

It is extremely rare to find an individual whose alcohol or drug use has not impacted negatively on family or loved ones. Chemical dependency is identified by the loss of control over an addictive substance. It is an illness that strikes randomly throughout the population. It happens to people at …

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How Music Can Reduce Stress

Playing guitar

Music can be termed as an art. An art that is timed organized with elements like sonic qualities pitch and rhythm whose medium is sound. As a tool of art, music has the power to impact on our daily life as a whole. In our day today’s society, stress is …

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Postpartum Depression: An Overview

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression affects approximately 10 percent of new mothers, according to the Mayo Clinic. Postpartum depression should not be confused with the “baby blues”, a period of anxiety and depression that affects many women in the days after childbirth. While the baby blues resolve on their own, postpartum depression symptoms …

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Why Coloring Pages Are Great For Stress Relief

Coloring Pages for Stress Relief

If you continually find yourself stressed out, consider giving coloring pages a try. Many of us associate coloring with children, but it can actually be very helpful for adults too. There are tons of benefits associated with coloring, from relaxation to creativity. In fact, many psychologists actually recommend it to …

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