Mental Health

3 Ways To Help A Bereaved Friend

Bereaved friend

It’s hard watching someone you care about experience loss. It’s even harder not knowing what to say or do to help ease their pain. But you don’t have to feel helpless. Here are three ways you can comfort a friend going through grief and loss. Acknowledge Your Friend and Their …

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7 Natural Ways to Overcome Everyday Life Stress

Stress is a normal reaction that humans experience in response to difficult situations. Feeling a little stressed out before an important presentation or exam is nothing to be alarmed about. We all feel that way! Even babies and small children can get stressed out if they get scared or worried. …

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Stay Beautiful Forever with a Healthy Mind

Healthy Mind

Beauty is more than skin deep, and this is a fact. It is impossible to go through life without having known or seen someone who may possess all the physical attributes of beauty, yet their personality may be toxic, or they could be haunted by neuroses or psychological dysfunction. When …

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6 Ways Fitness Can Improve Your Mental Health

Girl with barbel

If you don’t work out your brain, it deteriorates – simple as that. Everybody in the world knows the benefits of regularly exercising and leading a fit lifestyle. Improved metabolism. Healthier heart. Smoldering body. Increased happiness. The list goes on. However, there’s more to fitness than physical improvement – did …

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3 Signs You Need Therapy

Peace harmony

Therapy can seem like a mysterious process that is hard to understand. A lot of people even think therapy can make things worse rather than better. But therapy is designed to provide a safe space to discuss difficult feelings. It’s not just about harvesting trauma for the sake of saying …

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6 Benefits of Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapy

Many people are under the impression that mental health therapy is only for people that have mental health problems such as personality disorders or for people that have gone through some trauma, however that is not really accurate. It goes without saying that we need to look after our bodies. …

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Ways to Cope with Postnatal Depression

New Mother ND

As a new mom, you will likely find yourself making several adjustments to your everyday life to accommodate the needs of your newborn. In the first few weeks after you give birth, you may feel exhausted from all the sleepless nights, and the hours you spend tending to your baby’s …

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How Music Can Heal The Heart

Lying down listening to radio

Music has the ability to stir powerful emotions. Almost everyone has had the experience of hearing a piece of music and feeling powerfully moved. It’s a technique often used by advertisers, who play on themes of romance, nostalgia, and many others to increase the appeal of their products. It’s a …

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Women and Addiction: All WHYs and HOWs

Female addict smoking marijuana ipe

When it comes to various addictions (drugs, alcohol, tobacco), one usually pictures a male who abuses substances or alcohol. Even if this stereotype is statistically based, it is necessary to look at addictions from a female’s perspective separately. The problem of addiction concerns all genders. However, until recently, research focused …

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