Kids Activities

Why Building Forts Is So Important For Kids

Kids blanket fort

Every kid needs to build forts while growing up. I have many fond memories of building forts with my siblings while growing up. We built forts from old boxes, using blankets, furniture and washing line pegs and when we were a bit older we built forts in our garden from …

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Why Should Golf Be Your Kids’ Choice?

Kids golf clubs

As parents we tend to look forward to introducing our children to sports activities. Apart from being healthy and fun, sports can also offer kids a wide range of benefits. While many tend to consider the most common sports, such as football, tennis, gymnastics and basketball, there are also less …

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5 Ways Dolls Will Affect Your Kids

Girls in the whole world love to play with dolls. In fact, dolls are one of the oldest playing items in the world. Dolls and similar toys are important for a child’s imagination and creativity. Dolls are no longer a thing for girls. For example, Barbie dolls have Ken editions …

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Creative Ways To Keep Kids Busy

Having kids can be the biggest blessing, and also an absolute nightmare. Which is the case at any given moment mostly seems to depend on the mood they are currently in, how hungry they are, and how long it has been since they last visited the local slime shops. It …

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Teaching Your Kids To Sew

Sewing Machine

Many parents want to pass practical skills onto their children. of the most useful skills to learn in life is how to sew. This will allow you to give your children the ability to sew on a button or even create their own clothes. We’ll look at some great tips …

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Junior Golf Clubs Buying Guide For Parents

Junior golf is growing up with so much speed and as most parents seek to introduce their young ones to this sport, there is a lot they should know regarding golf equipment for juniors. Golf is a very detailed sport which requires a full set of paying equipment in order …

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The Toddler Bucket List Nursery Rhymes

Childhood slips by so quickly. If you’re not careful, and if you’re not purposeful, all too soon, it will be gone. All too often, these precious years that should be spent enjoying and truly experiencing every moment of life are spent hurrying and trying to “get it all done.” When …

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7 Fun Indoor Educational Activities For Kids

Drawing fun

Playing different games or taking part in various activities is every kid’s favorite hobby. It is also crucial for his/her mental and physical development. While the outdoor activities keep your kid physically fit, the indoor activities develop and enhance his cognitive skills. As a whole, both of them are of …

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10 Fun Activities for Kids – Tips & Ideas


Kids love fun and several funny activities are around us. It is our duty to keep them in an entertaining environment. From this point, we tried to sort out ten fun activities that attract the kids most. Let’s get started: 1. Arranging Pet Show: Kids love the pet. They used …

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8 Kids Holiday Activities

Kids Activity cutting out paper heart

Most parents are dreading those long school holidays when the kids get bored and as a result start bickering or picking fights with their siblings. But the school holidays don’t have to be a stressful time for both kids and parents. By getting the kids pro-active by doing kid’s activities …

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8 Fun Sensory Toys For Kids

Child Playing With Sand

There is a great selection available on the market today for fun sensory toys for kids. But why is it a good idea to provide your young child with these toys and what should we as parents be looking at when buying them? Sensory toys focus on all the important …

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