12 Superb Personal Loan Tips

Working out budget

While a personal loan may have been something you would never have needed or considered before, times have suddenly changed. With the economy in such a bad state due to Covid-19 and so many households losing an income many people in South Africa are considering taking out a personal loan …

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Why You Should Get ‘Pay Per K’ Car Insurance

King Price Pay Per K Car Insurance

As the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing national lockdown has continued, many people are taking increasingly worse financial hits. If you’re lucky, your salary was only reduced by a few percent, but there are lots of South Africans who’ve been placed on unpaid leave or lost their jobs entirely. It’s a …

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7 Finance Tips For 2020 From Dune Ventures

Couple Working Out Finances

Whatever your plans were for 2020 it probably did not prepare you for what was to come. Due to COVID-19 many people have lost their jobs, have closed their businesses and have suffered financial loss. If ever there was a time to tighten your belt and get creative with your …

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5 Personal Finance Tips To Teach Your Kids

Child Saving Money

One of the most valuable things we can teach our children is good personal finance habits. The way that our children learn to manage their money is going to play a vital role in their future. Here are some fantastic finance tips for kids from Rusty Tweed: Be A Great …

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5 Key Tips For Managing Your Property

Property keys

Questions mount when you become a property owner, and especially when you become a landlord. The purpose of owning rental property is very narrow: generate income on your investment and ultimately get more out of it than you put into it. You will have to make a lot of decisions …

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Eight Useful Tips By Alamo Associates For Eliminating Debt Fast

In debt

Debt can quickly abolish your financial dreams. Irrespective if you have a mountain of financial responsibilities or you are carrying a minor balance on your credit card every month, having too much debt make it impossible to move forward. Paying off one’s debt necessitates, determination, persistence and dedication. Have a …

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4 Finance Solutions For The Festive Season

With the festive season fast approaching and expenses getting high it is important to look at your finances so you can make it through the silly season with enough cash on hand. While we may try to keep expenses down as much as possible the fact is that Christmas time …

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How to Apply for Your First Mortgage

First Home

Buying a home for the first time can be a very thrilling experience. However, the process of applying for your first mortgage is anything but thrilling. A simple mistake and your application can get rejected by lenders or you end up with a property that is unsuitable for your circumstances. …

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Blue Cross Insurance – Top Blue Cross Agent in Moncton NB

Heart health

Blue Cross Canada is among the best insurance companies in Moncton New Brunswick. Since it was established 70 years ago, the company has maintained its quality and affordable health care. The company offers top quality additional individual health insurance as well as group life insurance. Blue Cross Insurance comes with …

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