Carmien Tea Review

Carmien Tea Review – Cookies & Cream Tea and Mamma Tea Women’s Support

I’m not sure about you, but I just love herbal teas – they are a great way to start your day and they offer great health benefits too. When I drink herbal tea every day I just feel better.

Now you can just imagine my happiness when Carmien Tea offered to sponsor prizes in our photo competitions, and also to send me some tea to try out for myself so I can tell you all about it.

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The Carmien Tea farm is situated in Citrusdal and is part of the West Coast Way road trip with a twist that I recently shared about. All the Carmien Tea is Rooibos which is made from the Aspalathus Linearis bush plant which grows in South Africa. Rooibos tea (also known as red tea) is so good for you and is one of the best herbal teas that you can drink!

Then different herbs are added to make up the amazing product range that Carmien Tea has to offer. Each blend offers different benefits and is used for different purposes.

Some Benefits Of Rooibos Tea Include:

  • It is caffeine free.
  • Rooibos tea is rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and alpha hydroxy acid.
  • It contains polyphenols that have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antimutagenic qualities.
  • Rooibos has high antioxidant capabilities, getting rid of free radicals in your body and thereby helping to protect you against cancer and heart disease, as well as boosting your overall immune system.
  • Rooibos tea relieves nervous tension, stress and high blood pressure.
  • It acts as a brochodilator which helps to relieve respiratory conditions.
  • It is well known to help relieve colic symptoms and stomach pains in infants and children.
  • Rooibos tea improves cardiovascular health.
  • Rooibos tea contains Aspalathin which is a very rare antioxidant that helps to balance blood sugar and improve insulin resistance. This makes it a great drink not only to prevent diabetes but also for anyone that already has diabetes.
  • Due to the fact that there is no oxalic acid in Rooibos tea you can drink it if you have kidney stones.
  • Prevents premature ageing – the powerful antioxidants slow down the ageing process.
  • It can help prevent and treat allergies.

While those are some of the benefits of drinking Rooibos tea, there are also many other benefits to Rooibos – such as when my children were babies and they got a nappy rash! I would use it to soothe my baby’s bum and it worked like a charm. If my baby had a rash I would also out Rooibos tea in their bath water and it helped immensely.

Rooibos is simply amazing for your skin, I actually use Rooibos products for my skin care.

Now back to the Carmien Tea!

Carmien Tea Review - cookies and cream tea

Carmien Tea Review – Cookies & Cream Tea

The name sounds delectable and the tea stood up to the expectations I had when I heard the name! The first thing I did was smell the tea bag. I don’t know if I am strange or if other people do this, but whenever I am going to try a new herbal tea I love to smell it first.

And yes it smelled heavenly. I don’t know how you drink your tea but if I am having herbal tea I make it with honey only. I made my first cup and I really enjoyed it. Very often with herbal teas you get a bit of a bitter tang which can take some time to get used to, but not this Cookies & Cream Tea.

It tastes lovely, a beautiful smooth taste. After drinking a few cups of it I checked the box to see what was added to the Rooibos and it says desiccated coconut with cookies and cream flavor.

Something else that also stood out for me is that I have found very often with herbal teas you get an after taste, not exactly unpleasant but that slightly bitter taste can stay with you for a bit. This Carmien Cookies and Cream tea had no bitterness and no lasting after taste either.

It was lovely to drink – light, tasty and smooth. I highly recommend this tea and I will certainly enjoy the rest of the box before I buy some more. I am sold!

Carmien Tea review mammas tea women's support

Carmien Tea Review – Mamma Tea Women’s Support

I have written some articles before about herbal teas that increase breast milk and herbal teas for weight loss since I really believe in the incredible benefits of herbal teas.

Carmien Tea has 3 Mamma Teas – Morning Tea, Women’s Support Tea and Nursing Tea. They also have detox teas that look amazing!

The tea that they sent me is Mamma Tea Women’s Support which is a Rooibos tea blend with Raspberry leaf. Raspberry leaf has so many health benefits but the ones that stand out the most for me are that it supports the women’s system – hence the name Women’s Support.

It eases symptoms associated with menstruation and it is recommended by midwives for women preparing for labor, so it is especially great to drink during your third trimester. It is also known to help remedy morning sickness while pregnant, as well as aiding sleep during pregnancy. And let’s face it, you need to get as much sleep during your pregnancy as you possibly can!

It is a safe herbal tea to drink while you are pregnant.

So how did I find this tea? Once again I was blown away by it. Yes I smelled it first and it also had a lovely aroma. The taste was also gentle and smooth with no hint of bitterness or after taste.

It has been rare that I have found herbal teas that are quite this good on the taste buds.

I drink a lot of green tea which can be quite bitter, I can feel the goodness in it and I enjoy it but I am now wondering what the Carmien green tea tastes like! I am going to try it next time I buy and I will let you know what I think. I had a look and they have a huge range of green teas with various herb blends!

Also just note that Carmien Tea has a baby and kids range of teas that look lovely, so if you are looking for some Rooibos Tea for your baby or child I suggest that you give their tea a try, if it is anything like the teas I have tried I am certain they will be lovely too!

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  1. I have heard so many moms rave about the Mama tea yet I battle to find it in our little town. I will keep on looking out for it.
    With my first baby I drank Sidroga tea to help with milk production however it was discontinued. Any other teas that help breastmilk production?

  2. Awesome I to love tea

  3. carmien teas are so lovely! first time hearing about the cookis and cream one. sounds really nice

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