Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

If you want to get healthy and get into shape then the best thing you can do is regular cardio exercises for weight loss, along with proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss



The best cardio exercises for burning fat are the exercises that you enjoy  doing regularly without feeling bored or weary. Those cardio exercises that you have a lot of fun accomplishing, and will not eventually stop due to boredom, are the best cardio workouts to help you in burning fat.

Numerous cardiovascular exercises for burning fat can be effective for you. As long as you will enjoy them and maintain them for a long period. Just choose smartly from those cardio exercises then you are good. Keeping at them for a long period and as you age, can help you in burning fat as well as be fit and healthy as you grow old.

Make your favorite cardio exercise for burning fat a part of your lifestyle, and you can get satisfactory results in the future.


Step aerobics is one of the most liked cardio exercise for women in burning fat. These exercises are brilliant for trimming your hips and legs.

You can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes. If you are a biker, you can choose this kind of exercise for burning fat. Or if you love the water and love to swim, swimming can be the best cardio exercise for you.

Step aerobics cardio exercises


Rock climbing can also be a great exercise because it can greatly benefit and exercise your arms and build the strength in your legs too. It can aid in burning fat also.

If you enjoy cross country skiing and have the money to do it, you can also burn ample amounts of calories by doing it.

If you like simple and ordinary fat burning cardio exercise, you can always do brisk walking and running. They are less strenuous and also much cheaper than the others, yet also a highly effective form of cardio exercise that will burn fat and calories.

Running Jogging Cardio


For cardiovascular exercise that is at a high intensity level, you can always do the jumping rope. Jump roping is the most common and simplest among the high intensity cardio exercises for burning fat, yet it is one of the most effective for overall body work out. 15-20 minutes per day can be enough to achieve great results.

It can also be ideal for the endurance of your cardiovascular and improve your performance in high endurance sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis, football, and more.

Jumping rope skipping cardio


Huge amounts of calories are burned from sprinting, as well as keeping your metabolism high. You can combine sprinting with running and jogging for a much better result in burning fat.

Burning fat via cardiovascular exercises should also be coupled with a proper diet. If you eat the wrong foods, it can hinder the amount of fat that you burn in your body. That is why eating healthy is very important for your fitness goal. Not only will you be full of energy, but you will also be able to fight off diseases like heart disease and diabetes.


For those who are uninitiated, cardio workouts are the types of exercises that are rigorous in nature. They are termed so because they are instrumental in raising an individual’s heart rate and keep it that way for a substantial period. The term cardio relates to the word cardiovascular which in turn refers to the heart and circulatory system of our body.

Some of the typical workouts that fall into the category of cardio workouts are jogging, rapid walking, swimming and skipping to name a few. At times they are also referred to as aerobic exercises.

Cardio workouts are greatly beneficial for weight loss as they help in burning more calories than what one takes in throughout the day. To lose weight, it is essential to use up more calories than what we have consumed by eating food.

Some experts feel slow and steady is the best way to benefit from cardio workouts for weight loss. They claim that slow and steady cardio workouts burn the fat better and thus one loses weight better and faster. They prefer doing cardio work outs for longer duration, ideally for an hour or so.

Such experts also believe that cardio workouts intensify the metabolism of the body which helps in feeling energetic and sleeping better. One who feels energetic and sleeps well will obviously look better too. They also claim that slow and steady cardio workouts also help in preserving body joints.

Then, there are advocates of intense cardio workouts. These experts recommend cardio work outs for limited periods of 25-30 minutes. They include different cardio workouts in their daily regimen and intermittently keep changing them leaving a short duration of rest between two types of cardio workouts.

They claim that cardio workouts when done this way help in burning more calories and help in reducing weight faster.

Regular exercises help in not just reducing body weight but also in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol, insulin sensitivity and exercise tolerance.

Some other experts claim regular cardio workouts not just help in weight loss but also in strengthening the heart and the lungs as well as increasing lung capacity.

Another  Big Advantage  Of Cardio Workouts Is That They Are Great Stress Busters.

While doing various cardio workouts a thirty-minute personal training may burn different amounts of calories. For example; brisk walking may burn 180 calories, running – 300, riding a stationary bike – nearly 300 or more and swimming may help you in burning 400 calories in the same amount of time. If you are adventurous, then rowing may burn nearly 330 calories for you while rock climbing can help you burn approximately 350 calories in 30 minutes.

But remember, doing cardio workouts occasionally won’t help you in losing weight. Regular cardio workouts are a must for weight loss.

If you do regular cardio workouts yet continue eating junk food or lead an unhealthy lifestyle, it won’t help much either.

The best way to gain the highest advantage from cardio workouts for weight loss, therefore, is to follow a regular workout regime while eating a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. One of my favorite cardio exercise thank I will save this post

  2. Wow if am sure and ready i will surely loose the weight

  3. Cardio is good exercises…man me thats lately so tires and feel like i dont have energy jumping rope wont be for me not thay ill do it for weight loss but to get some healthy exercises in.

  4. @zheunez here is cardio exercise its not that bad they show you what to do in the comfort of your home. I think you will find it as a big benefit as also have a lool at under tag: exercise for the other yoga ect. You will alot of post on weight loss and exercises.

  5. I’ve heard that skipping is hands down the best all round cardio exercises that you can do! I need to get myself fitter. I used to exercise regularly but since I became a mom I have struggled to find the time to get into it again.

    I know I will feel better and more energized if I get fit again… now just to get motivated.

  6. Elize Swanepoel

    I have to admit I hate exercise, especially now that I’m getting older.
    But one can’t reap the rewards if one doesn’t participate.

    I hate running because I struggle with my right knee and I’ve had a broken ankle years ago, so I will have to resort to cardio exercises.

    I am leaning towards the steps exercise. We have three little steps leading to our front door, so I don’t have to go far to exercise.
    I also loved doing airobics when I was younger and have even finished an airobics marathon of three hours once. But this was many years ago.
    Skipping rope is not something that I’ve attempted in many many years, but I used to love doing it as a child and when I was in my teens.
    I wonder if I’ll be able to still do it if I give it a go? I think I might have to consider it.
    My biggest problem is to find the time for exercising.
    When I’ve finished with making dinner, giving JD his batch and cleaning up, I am knackered.
    I usually just watch one or two programs and then off to bed.
    At this stage it’s not easy to do exercising with JD in the vicinity. Maybe I can try and incorporate them while he is playing outside. I can skip rope while watching him riding his push bike.
    Thanks for sharing this article @lynne.
    It’s certainly something worth looking into.

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