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Cake Smash Photography

Cake smashes are colourful, fun, messy, and a perfect way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. With a professional photographer on hand to capture the excitement, and a bubble bath afterwards to clean up the remnants of the cake, it’ll be difficult to work out who giggles the most. 


Cake smash photography an be held as an indoor or outdoor photoshoot, depending on weather and parental preference.

Cake Smash Photography


Work that technique, baby


Cake smashes take advantage of a baby’s natural arm waving and fist pounding movements, plus their inquisitive nature. A cake smash party can also double as your baby’s first taste of sugar. These cakes, often vanilla sponge cakes with heaps of colourful soft buttercream icing, are baked specifically to be smashed, rather than eaten. 


Although they can and do get eaten, especially by a curious baby. They look lovely to start with but their destruction ends up making great photography. It’s social media gold – a baby and a cake in close proximity. Cake smashing birthday parties are now a global phenomenon, although they seem to have started in the US. 


You can book cake smash photography so you can share your baby’s first birthday fun with relatives and friends worldwide, given that many will be unable to travel to be there in person due to the pandemic restrictions still affecting many parts of the world.


It’s A Family Affair


One of the best things about a cake smash is that parents and siblings can also be involved. It’s a great way to capture some lighthearted, relaxed moments with children who may be shy of the camera or anyone who dislikes having their photograph taken. 


It’s typically an event held for a baby’s first birthday, but that doesn’t mean everyone else can’t enjoy it too. It may be simpler for parents to book something like this than to opt for anything more formal. Some bakeries will even give parents a smash cake for free when they purchase cakes for the other guests to eat.

Messy cake smash


Planning Is Key


If your baby is comfortable and relaxed, the cake smash party will go better. It might be an idea to allow them to play with cake and frosting before the day so they are familiar with it. They may not enjoy attempting to eat the cake so much as crumbling it in their hands, smearing the frosting on any surface or person within reach or maybe throwing bits of cake around. 


Things will get messy, so it’s best to dress them in clothes which can easily be washed or that you don’t mind having to throw out if they can’t be saved. A simple onesie is ideal. If clothing is not provided as part of the deal, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for your baby. It is also a good idea to bring some towels and wipes to the photoshoot and a bag for the dirty clothes. 


If the session includes a bubble bath, you will at least be able to go home with a clean baby in clean clothes. Come to think of it, the other party guests may also want to bring clean clothes to change into in case of stray bits of frosting or cake hitting them as the birthday baby gets stuck into smashing. 


A cake smash party requires a fair bit of planning ahead, but most photographers will advise on what needs to be completed before the big day. They should also make sure that the adults are familiar with the studio layout so they can quickly clean up the baby after the shoot.


Baby Cakes For Baby Cakes


The ideal size and ingredient mix of a smash cake varies. You will have to do some research if you plan on baking your own, although some smash cake photography packages offer the cake as part of the deal and there are several cake makers who will also produce a baby-safe cake for your cake smash photography date in Singapore. 


It is also worth noting that babies of less than one year of age should not eat cake, so if relatives or friends are bringing other tiny tots to join in the fun, they will have to be supervised to make sure they don’t get too close.


It may seem a little excessive to hire a professional photographer for your baby’s cake smash party, but as with wedding photos, you only have one chance to make that memory, and it’s best to hire someone who knows how to get the most from the situation. The photographer may play with your baby, pull funny faces or use toys to attract their attention. They may also provide additional props to help your baby relax. A familiar toy might also help settle them before the fun begins, and a well rested baby is also likely to enjoy the time more.


Prices vary depending on what is included – parents can expect to pay anything from around $300 to north of $1000 for their baby’s cake smash photography in Singapore. It may seem a lot but it’s worth it. Your baby only turns one once, after all.

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